The Democrats have gone too far in their support of violent protests.

They are beginning to wake up to the fact that it could cost them the election.

Joe Biden is terrified Black Lives Matter lost him this key battleground state.

The radical left in America want to “dismantle the system” and bring about a socialist paradise in America.

But the reality is that the protests, which the mainstream media is describing as “mostly peaceful,” have destroyed American communities and they may never recover.

This isn’t something that the Democrats should be supporting.

The mayor of Kenosha, Wisconsin, a city with just 1000,000 residents, is asking for $30 million to rebuild.

In Minneapolis, the situation is even worse and the demolition costs are so prohibitive that it’s not even worth it for buildings to rebuild.

The last riot in Minneapolis was triggered after a murder suspect committed suicide as the police closed in and the city council has been working to defund the police.

It’s no wonder that Biden has lost ground in the state along with Black Lives Matter.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are statistically tied in Minneapolis at the moment with Trump at 46.5% and Democrat nominee Joe Biden at 46.9%.

Biden’s drop in the polls seems to be connected to BLM’s loss of popularity at the same time.

“The survey, conducted by the Trafalgar Group for Conservative Clergy of Color in mid-August, shows that the approval rating for BLM has dropped to just 53 percent in Minnesota with 36.2 percent disapproving of the movement and 10.8 percent who are unsure. While that is still a positive majority who say they approve of BLM, the deeper questions about the movement show troubling signs for the leftists and Democrats who rushed earlier this year to embrace it in the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis.” Breitbart News reported.

The survey done by Conservative Clergy of Color, a group of black conservative religious leaders,showed that many voters in Minnesota have qualms about Black Lives Matter.

When asked if BLM “has made race relations better, worse or about the same,” the most popular answer, with 45% of respondents, was that the organization had made race relations worse while only 35% thought they had improved.

The survey also asked respondents if BLM is a “violent organization,” 36.4 percent said yes while 54.6 percent said no, and 9 percent were unsure.

“In conclusion, the survey suggests the voter consensus that BLM needs to successfully advocate for the more popular changes they have built a movement around, no longer exist,” Trafalgar’s Cahaly wrote in the memo to Shines.

Black Lives Matter is too unpopular in Minnesota to work in Joe Biden’s favor, which puts Democrats in an awkward position of having to backtrack on the protests without losing minority support.

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