Amy Coney Barrett has proved herself immune to most of the Democrats’ attacks against her.

So they’re sinking to even dirtier levels to try and take her down.

Joe Biden is hoping this huge lie will destroy Amy Coney Barrett.

The Democrats and Republicans have fundamentally different views of what the Supreme Court is supposed to do.

Democrats see it as an extension of the legislative branch that should help them get through their agenda.

Republicans see it as the job of the Supreme Court to protect the Constitution.

When it comes to Judge Amy Coney Barrett, the personal attacks against her have backfired on them.

Most Americans don’t like seeing a woman attacked because she’s a devout Catholic who has a large family with two of her children having been adopted.

Barrett herself replied to these attacks on Tuesday when she said during her confirmation hearing:

“I have a life brimming with people who have made different choices and I’ve never tried in my personal life to impose my choices on them and the same is true professionally,” Barrett said.

So the Democrats are accusing her of trying to undo their legislation.

Joe Biden outright lied and claimed that Barrett “said she wants to get rid of the Affordable Care Act.”

“This nominee has said she wants to get rid of the Affordable Care Act — this president wants to get rid of the Affordable Care Act. Let’s keep our eye on the ball. This is about less than one month [in which] Americans are going to lose their health insurance,” Biden told reporters before flying to Ohio on Monday.

What Barrett said herself is that she’s not hostile to the Affordable Care Act.

Barrett directly addressed the Democrats’ worries on the subject during her confirmation hearing, telling Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), “But I think that your concern is because I critiqued the statutory reasoning, that I’m hostile to the ACA, and that because I’m hostile to the ACA, that I would decide a case a particular way.”

“And I assure you that I am not. I’m not hostile to the ACA. I’m not hostile to any statute that you pass,” she added.

The fact is that it’s highly unlikely that Amy Coney Barrett will strike down Obamacare, what’s more likely is that the Supreme Court will make it impossible for Democrats to bring back the individual mandate, which forced people to pay a fine to the federal government if they don’t buy insurance.

But the Democrats don’t want to say that Barrett’s a danger to them because she would keep them from collecting unconstitutional fines, so instead they’ll accuse her of trying to take away the healthcare of millions of Americans.

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