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Time is running out in the 2020 election and all hell is breaking loose.

Joe Biden’s campaign has been thrown on the defensive.

And Joe Biden felt betrayed when this close ally stabbed him in the back.

The Senate Judiciary Committee starting Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing is forcing Joe Biden and his campaign to confront the demands from Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey to pack the Supreme Court with liberal justices if Democrats win total power in November.

Biden’s refused to answer the question going so far as to say that voters do not deserve to know his position on court-packing until after the election.

Deputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield appeared on fake news CNN’s State of the Union program for what she thought would be a friendly interview with former Democrats’ campaign operative-turned-CNN host Jake Tapper.

Instead, Tapper performed a rare act of journalism and refused to accept Bedingfield’s answer that court-packing was a distraction invented by the Trump campaign.

“It’s not the Trump people who invented this question, right?” Tapper began. “The idea of adding justices to the Supreme Court came from the progressive side of the Democratic Party. It’s a simple question. He has long been against adding justices to the court. Has he changed his mind or does he have the same position he’s had since 1983?”

Bedingfield again tried to dodge the question, but surprisingly Tapper tried once more to get an answer out of her.

“This is a simple — it’s a simple question and it’s one frankly that Trump did not invent,” Tapper stated. “I thought it was odd when Vice President Biden said the other day in response to a reporter’s question that voters do not deserve an answer on this. Of course, voters deserve an answer on his position — on every issue.”

But Bedingfield again refused to provide an answer as to Joe Biden’s position on court-packing.

“He has given an answer. He has answered the question. He has probably answered this question 15 times over the course of the last week. The answer is I am not going to play Donald Trump’s game. I am not going to allow the terms of this debate to shift to a hypothetical that assumes, by the way, that we, the Democrats, are going to lose here. That is really — that is what at the core of this argument they are making. It assumes we are going to lose. Vice President Biden does not accept that. He does not accept that,” Bedingfield responded.

In the Democratic presidential primary, contenders such as Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, and Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris all signaled their willingness to consider packing the court.

Biden and Harris now refusing to answer the question can only mean one thing: They support packing the Supreme Court, but they do not want to say so now because they know the answer is unpopular.

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