He tried to convince the world that he was right.

He never expected what happened next.

Now, Joe Biden attempted to blame Trump for this insane conspiracy.

Coronavirus itself has become less of a topic of debate now that we have been living with it for several months.

While it still remains dangerous, people have grown accustomed to the necessary precautions stores and people take to protect themselves.

The idea of a COVID-19 vaccine has been floating around since mid-March, when the virus truly took off.

But now one is starting to emerge.

It is still in the stages of development and being tested for safety and effectiveness.

However, this news of a potential vaccine has got the entire political community up in arms.

Especially Joe Biden.

He has been attempting to use the vaccine to undermine Trump’s credibility while simultaneously proving the vaccine’s credibility.

It is not unusual for Biden to talk out of both sides of his mouth, but this new attack is certainly one of his stranger ones.

In a recent interview, Biden stated that he trusted the vaccine, but he did not trust Trump.

These two statements should have nothing to do with one another.

Whether or not you trust the vaccine should come down to your trust in science and in the medical professionals working tirelessly to make sure it is safe and effective.

Politics should have no say in whether or not you trust in scientifically proven and accurate facts.

However, this is exactly what Biden is doing.

If he can make this entire debate about the vaccine less about scientific fact and more about Trump, then that’s all the better for him.

He is attempting to accomplish this by saying if the President cannot answer three specific questions, then people should not trust the vaccine.

That is correct, Biden is attempting to make Trump’s word the be-all and end-all of the vaccine debate instead of consulting the scientists who are developing it.

This is utterly insane.

The President is not a medical professional.

While he consults a team of medical professionals to accurately deliver information to the American people, he himself is not qualified to answer specific questions.

Axios stated that Biden’s questions are as follows:

  1. “What criteria will be used to ensure that a vaccine meets the scientific standard of safety and effectiveness?”
  2. “If the administration green lights a vaccine, who will validate that the decision was driven by science rather than politics? What group of scientists will that be?”
  3. “How can we be sure that the distribution of the vaccine will take place safely, cost-free, and without a hint of favoritism?”

The fact of the matter is, these questions are redundant and unnecessary.

Firstly, scientists follow specific safety and quality control procedures in order to ensure people’s safety.

Secondly, of course the vaccine is motivated by science. It has been from the beginning.

Biden and the Democrats are the ones who have made it into a political issue, placing Trump at the center to take the blame.

Lastly, the federal government would not risk adding extra layers of bureaucracy to determine who gets the vaccine first.

If they did, they would be revealing their internal bias and there would be chaos.

In short, Biden is the one making the vaccine a political issue because it is the only way he can still hope to gain followers.