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Democrats hoping to unseat Donald Trump in 2020 just got some really bad news.

Former Vice President Joe Biden created a scandal that could destroy the party’s chances on Election Day.

And that’s because Joe Biden answered one question that sent Democrats running for their lives.

Biden sits atop the national and early state polls in Iowa, Nevada and South Carolina because Democrat voters buy into Biden’s sales pitch that he is an “electable moderate.”

That is fake news.

Former Vice President Biden is as committed a leftist as anyone in the field.

One needs to look no further than immigration to see that Biden gives no quarter to any candidate in the race on his bona fides as a left-wing extremist.

In the first Democrat debates last summer, Biden raised his hand to indicate support for decriminalizing the very act of illegal immigration and to provide free taxpayer-funded healthcare to illegal aliens.

Somehow Biden managed to stoop even lower in his support for open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens.

At an election forum hosted by the left-wing VICE News, Biden announced as president he would issue an executive order banning ICE from deporting any illegal aliens that were not convicted of serious crimes.

To show how serious Biden was about this issue the former Vice President declared he would fire any ICE agent that defended America’s border by deporting illegal aliens.

“I would hold ICE agents accountable if in fact they stepped over my executive orders, which is no arrest of any kind outside of the schools,” Biden ranted. “You know, look at the — one of the things that’s happening is, particularly for the Latino and Hispanic kids, is the incredible pressure on them in terms of their sense of security.”

Biden horrified voters by revealing he held a very narrow definition of what constituted a crime worthy of deportation.

In his answer, Biden revealed that he would turn America into a sanctuary nation for illegal alien drunk drivers by refusing to deport any illegal aliens convicted of driving under the influence.

“You change the culture by saying, ‘you’re gonna get fired.’ ‘You’re fired,’ if in fact you do that,” Biden added. “You only arrest for the purpose of dealing with a felony that’s committed, and I don’t consider drunk driving as a felony.”

Millions of Americans disagree with Biden’s cavalier dismissal of the threat illegal aliens that drive drunk pose to American citizens.

Just under 11,000 Americans die each year in drunk driving incidents.

And in 2018 the Department of Homeland Security arrested illegal aliens with a combined 80,000 drunk driving charges and convictions.

Biden would roll out the welcome mat to allow any of these menaces on the road to stay in America and continue to endanger the lives of everyday Americans.

Should Biden win the nomination, Donald Trump and the GOP will make the election a referendum on Biden’s support for open borders.

And that could cripple Biden’s ability to win back voters that flipped from supporting Barack Obama to Donald Trump.

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