Jeff SessionsFormer Attorney General Jeff Sessions is attempting a political comeback.

But Sessions’ feud with Donald Trump complicates those plans.

And now Jeff Sessions revealed his vote on impeachment and it wasn’t what Trump expected.

Jeff Sessions’ fortunes in the Alabama Senate Republican primary hinge on Donald Trump staying neutral.

Because of how Trump lost faith in Sessions after Sessions recused himself in the Russia investigation, Sessions has no hope of winning President Trump’s endorsement.

But the President backing any of the other five candidates in the race could be enough to torpedo Sessions’ bid.

To that end, Sessions conducted an exclusive interview with Breitbart News where Sessions came out strongly against the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt.

“I think it has just been shocking to most Americans to see how little substance this is,” Sessions explained. “It’s like, is this all there is? After all these vicious charges against the president, it comes down to these vague charges of abuse and obstruction? What does that mean? I think it’s a dramatic abuse by the House of Representatives of the impeachment clause in the Constitution. And it’s not anything the House says it is. Some have tried to say that. But in truth, the Constitution says treason, bribery, high crimes, and misdemeanors. Those mean something. It means something other than we had a disagreement with you, and now we’re going to impeach you. This was a horrible, improper act, in my opinion.”

Sessions also did what President Trump claims too few Republicans do which is defend him on the substance of the Democrats’ phony charges.

“In my opinion, there’s so little substance in this impeachment charge that calling witnesses is not required to fulfill the responsibility of the Senate,” Sessions continued. “But I know Sen. McConnell and the White House are talking about that question. I won’t make a recommendation as to what they should do. I think they should think it through, and I think they probably should reach a good decision. I don’t think it’s required. We didn’t do witnesses on Clinton. With Clinton, there was proof beyond a reasonable doubt — all the elements of three different crimes. There’s no crime really charged here. The charges are vague, and they support impeachment for almost anything Congress wanted to do in the future if this is sustained.”

Democrats’ charge of obstruction of Congress is absurd.

Every President asserts executive privilege to block aides from testifying.

But instead of litigating the matter in the courts to win the right to compel Trump officials like Mick Mulvaney or John Bolton to testify, Democrats instead impeached the President.

That is nothing compared to the ridiculous “abuse of power” charge.

Democrats opened a dangerous door where now Congress can impeach any President for taking action they don’t approve of even if there is no crime involved.

Sessions understands this.

The former Attorney General was a freshman Senator during the Bill Clinton impeachment trial.

In that case, Congress accused the President of a real crime – perjury.

Democrats aren’t even pretending Donald Trump broke any laws in this sham impeachment.

American Patriot Daily will keep you up to date on any new developments in the Democrats’ ongoing impeachment witch hunt to remove Donald Trump from office.