Crime scene investigation police boundary tape concept for law eDomestic violence reached an unthinkable point in Selma, Alabama.

An estranged ex-boyfriend entered Oasis Tabernacle Church for a Sunday morning service, and shot his girlfriend, his one month old son, and the pastor.

James Junior Minter, the 26 year old shooter, faces three counts of attempted murder. His bond is set at $3 million.

According to CNN, Minter sat down between his child and the girlfriend and started shooting soon after.

24-year-old Sharnika Brown, the mother, and her one month old son survived the shooting.

MSNewsNow describes the horror that took place that Sunday morning.

“He had the craziest eyes I’ve ever seen,” Campbell (the pastor) said. 

Minter looked at Brown and the baby with tears in his eyes and that’s when Brown says she knew he was serious. Thinking fast, she silently motioned to her father sitting in the pew behind her that Minter had a gun. 

Campbell stood up and alerted the whole church that Minter had a gun and that point, Minter jumped up and aimed his gun at the pastor but it jammed. He cleared the weapon and horrified church members ran as Minter allegedly fired twice into the car seat, striking his infant son in the hand.

Then he turned the gun on his ex-girlfriend, shooting her in the chest. The bullet went out the back of her arm. Standing over her and shooting down on her, a second shot went into her face under her chin and came out the other side. “

The one-month-old baby is now released from the hospital safe and sound but his “bandaged hand and blood and bullet holes in his baby seat” remind the family of the horror they experienced during a Sunday morning church service.

Unfortunately, there were early warning signs that were not taken seriously. Relatives of Sharnika Brown said he had threatened her in the past, but they never thought he would take it “this far.”

Sharnika Brown was grateful to have survived, and gives the glory to God. She also released a statement pleading with women in violent relationships to get out before it’s too late.

“I want to say to every young woman, young girl, anybody in any type of violent relationship: get out before it gets worse. I’m a living testimony to be here today. I just thank God that I’m here. He spared my life. He spared my child’s life. I thank God for all His love and protection,” Sharnika Brown said. 

Hopefully women realize abusive relationships are not love, and they can escalate to something deadly. Violence and abuse are nothing to ignore. If you or someone you love is an abusive relationship, they can contact the Domestic Violence Hotline and get help.

On that chilling Sunday morning God was looking down on Sharnika Brown, her one-month-old son, and Pastor Campbell.