download (1)All-female Yazidi militia takes up arms to kill Islamic State terrorists

After terrorists from the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” kidnapped thousands of Yazidi women for use as sex slaves, one Yazidi woman is fighting back.


Famed Yazidi singer Xate Shingali, has formed the “Sun Girls,” an all-female militia that will fight the Islamic State on the Iraqi battlefield.

The name refers to the sun emblem on the Kurdish flag.

Her fighters have no fear of death or capture.

“Even if they kill me, I will say I am a Yazidi,” says one Sun Girl, Jane Fares, who is only 17.

The Daily Mail reports on Shingali and her fighters:

Xate Shingali, 30, who performed traditional Yazidi folklore music all over northern Iraq, was granted special permission to form the unit by the Kurdish President.

She formed the brigade on July 2 and has since recruited 123 female fighters aged between 17 – the minimum age required to join – and 30.

Speaking from the Sharya refugee camp, just outside Dohuk, Xate said the male Kurdish fighters are training them to use AK47s.

She added: ‘We have had only basic training and we need more… But we are ready to fight ISIS anytime.’

Xate’s youngest recruit, Jane Fares, 17, escaped from Sinjar mountain with her brother and sister when ISIS laid siege to the entire region.

The softly spoken teenager, who has only just joined the unit, said her family is very proud of her, adding: ‘My father was so happy when I had told him I had joined this union.

‘All families accept us to join this union… We are happy to fight along side the peshmerga.’

In May, a Yazidi girl the same age as Jane described how she and her little sister were raped daily by a depraved jihadist before they were both sold at a ‘slave auction’.

An even younger Yazidi girl known only as Bahar, 14, once told of how she was forced to undergo medical exams to ‘prove’ her virginity before she was sold to ISIS fighters in another twisted auction.

The terror group is widely known to keep Yazidi girls it kidnaps as sex slaves while male soldiers are executed on camera but none of this seems to worry young Jane.

Fares vows to kill her ISIS enemies.

“I was scared, now I cannot be scared of them. Any second they tell us to fight ISIS I am ready… I hope to kill them all,” she says. “If they kill us like that [beheading], we will kill them like that.”