Amber Rose – a model, feminist, and former girlfriend of Kanye West – is speaking out about President Donald Trump. In an interview with Jesse Lee Peterson, host of “The Fallen State,” Rose took the opportunity to say what she really feels about the president.

During the interview, Rose gave some insight into the curious relationship between Trump and Kanye West. According to World Net Daily, Rose said:

“When I first saw Trump on the podium running for president, I was like, ‘Oh, my God – that is Kanye in a white man’s body.’”

Rose also gave some interesting insight into the relationship dynamics and history that may or may not exist between Trump and West. As Rose said:

“This is gonna take a good 5 minutes ’cause ima talk to you,” she said. “I would like to think – and this is hypothetically speaking – I would like to think that Kanye met with Trump, and Trump said, ‘Look, I seen these people, I knew they were gonna vote for me, and I used them to get elected, and I can’t tell nobody that ’cause I wanna get a second term, but now that I’m in office, I really wanna make a change.’ Now, Kanye can’t snitch on him, he can’t snitch on himself, so maybe he’s thinking of the greater good of what Trump can do for the country? That’s what I’m assuming. Kanye’s the type of person that he loves art, and he loves the art in things, so I think that he appreciates the politics that Trump used in order to get in office. Because Trump was a Democrat for like 30 years I heard, so I can only hope that Trump kind of used the white people – seemingly racist white people – to get in office maybe for the greater good. I don’t know.”

However, Rose does not think highly of President Trump. According to the interview, Rose believes Trump is a “sexual predator.” She said she believes this because she is “a feminist,” and she “believe[s] women all the time,” and “give[s] women the benefit of the doubt.”
When given questions about her beliefs surrounding women (specifically those accusing Trump of sexual misconduct) who lie, Rose gave the acknowledgment this can happen. However, she also said:
“…when there’s more than one woman with the same story and these women don’t know each other, they don’t want money, they want justice, that’s when I feel like, OK, this is probably real.”

“Well, the fact that he said he goes and just randomly grabs women by their p–sy,” she replied. “That was very offensive to me because I’ve been in those situations with very powerful men feeling like they can come and touch me inappropriately without consent. And that’s what happens a lot with powerful men, rich men, men in general because their parents didn’t teach them about consent.”

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Rose also gave an analogy to describe her beliefs about Trump’s accusers, and why many have taken so long to step forward and make an accusation. She said that because Trump and Bill Cosby are such powerful men, nobody likely believed that the victims of sexual abuse were telling the truth.

Rose also said women don’t typically have the opportunity to step forward until a person in power believes at least one woman’s testimony. Then, she said, others have the courage to say, “I can’t let her do this alone. I have to now speak up.”