Obama’s controversial deal to allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons also included $150 billion from American taxpayers.

Based on this revelation, Texas Senator Ted Cruz declared Obama the “world’s leading financier of radical Islamic terrorism.”

The liberal press and Obama allies scoffed at the charge.

But recently released documents recovered from the compound where Osama bin Laden was killed in 2011 reveal a tight relationship between Al-Qaeda and the rogue government in Tehran.

The Washington Post reported that the documents revealed bin Laden scolded associates planning an attack on Iran:

The collection includes letters to subordinates in Al-Qaeda, messages from followers willing to carry out suicide attacks, and screeds on issues including bin Laden’s conviction that the United States and Iran were poised for an apocalyptic war.

In one letter, bin Laden scolds one of his deputies for threatening attacks against Iran saying, “As you are aware, Iran is our main artery for funds, personnel and communication.”

These documents were recovered in 2011, and yet for four years the Obama regime negotiated with Iran on nuclear weapons and agreed to fork over $150 billion, despite having evidence in their possession bin Laden labeled Iran a “main artery” for funding and communication.

Was this really the best deal given all the available evidence, or should the motivations behind it be called into question?

Was Obama too hasty in agreeing to any demand that would secure a “legacy” achievement for his administration?

The evidence leads to the conclusion that Obama appeased a rogue government that funded terrorists so he could secure a line or two in the history books about avoiding conflict with an Islamic government.

And that should frighten America, other Western nations and our allies in the Middle East to their core.

But Obama’s funding of Islamic terrorists is not shocking, considering his denial that they even exist.

Obama has flatly refused to even utter the words “radical Islamic terrorism.”

So it should come as no surprise that Obama would gloss over bin Laden ordering his subordinates to stand down in any attacks on Iran while funneling $150 billion to the government in Tehran.

This begs the question, why didn’t Congress fight harder to stop the Iran deal? Obama should be held accountable for shipping billions in taxpayer funds to a government he knew was a “main artery” for funding the organization that executed the 9/11 terrorist attacks on our soil.