As the race to secure 1,237 delegates for the Republican presidential nomination heats up, things do not look good for Marco Rubio.

Rubio, once featured on the cover of Time Magazine as “The Republican Savior”, has been bruised badly by Trump’s recent attacks and can’t seem to pick up enough momentum to recover.

The Hill reports:

“I think Marco Rubio had a very, very bad night and personally I call for him to drop out of the race,” Trump said of the Florida senator at press conference in West Palm Beach, Fla.

“I really think so, I think it’s probably time. I don’t think he can get up and rant and rave. You got to be able to win,” the celebrity businessman added.”

In attempt to defend his campaign, Rubio fired back and lashed out at Trump.

CNN reports:

“Donald Trump — he might have grown up the way he did, with a lot of money and going to boarding school. I can tell you this: Where I grew up, if someone keeps punching people in the face, eventually someone’s going to have to stand up and punch them back,” he said.

With only four presidential candidates remaining, the voters continue to demonstrate they are fed up with the Republican establishment.

Trump and Cruz each won 2 states this past Saturday, but Rubio failed to win any.

Currently, Trump is in the lead with 384 delegates. Cruz isn’t too far behind and has secured 300 delegates while Rubio trails in third place with only 151 delegates. To secure the Republican nomination and avoid a brokered convention, the winning candidate must secure 1,237 delegates.

Rubio has doubled down his attacks on Trump in hopes to lure the support of sympathetic voters – even though his attacks don’t seem to be helping his campaign gain momentum.

In fact, some polls show he is even predicted to lose his home state of Florida.

As American Patriot Daily previously reported, Rubio has been hand-picked to be the establishment’s best shot to take down Donald Trump.

“And there is evidence the establishment is choosing Marco Rubio as their candidate.

Recently, Rubio was endorsed by New York City billionaire Paul Singer. Mr. Singer’s two pet causes are changing the Republican Party platform to include support for homosexual marriage and amnesty.

In 2013, Marco Rubio teamed with liberal New York Democrat Chuck Schumer and pro-open borders Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham to become the public face of the Gang of Eight amnesty bill. And Paul Singer was a major financial backer of the push to ram this legislation through Congress.”

Will Marco’s establishment ties sink his campaign? While it’s clear Rubio is the party-elite’s top candidate, the voters appear to be sick of rallying behind liberal Republicans.

Do you think it’s time for Marco Rubio to drop out?

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