juliebakerWoman may be the new Rachel Dolezal over “relentlessly gay” anonymous note

A Baltimore woman who collected over $40,000 in donations of support after claiming hateful Christians left her an anonymous note may have faked the whole thing.

Julie Baker, an activist for liberals and gay rights, claims someone left an anonymous note on her lawn complaining her rainbow-colored yard lights were “relentlessly gay” and could make local children turn gay.

After posting it to the Internet and setting up a GoFundMe page to collect donations Baker raked in $43,436 from 3,331 donors who felt terrible she had been attacked for supporting gay rights.

But as a Daily Caller investigation has found:

Most notably, both Baker and her supposed piece of hate mail show an eccentric approach to capitalization. The hate note incorrectly capitalizes words such as “others,” “children,” and “forced.” Similarly, Baker’s GoFundMe capitalizes words such as “home” and “relent.” This appears to be a long-term habit of Baker’s, as astute Internet observers have found old posts Baker has made on Facebook which show her repeatedly engaging in this sort of eccentric capitalization.

Certain aspects of the note, such as the all-caps spelling of “GOD,” the description of the neighborhood as a “Christian area,” and the venomous use of “your kind” all seem like played out cliche phrases a standard Christian bigot might say. Baker’s Facebook account shows numerous instances of her criticizing Christians for their positions on gay marriage, abortion, and other hot-button issues.

Despite asking for thousands of dollars, Baker has remained very vague on how the money is supposed to be spent, besides that she plans to paint her house in rainbow colors. She hasn’t mentioned what plans, if any, she has for the (likely large) amount of money she will probably have left over.

In a local write-up of the story, it is revealed that Baker lives on Kenwood Avenue in Baltimore and that she thinks members of a nearby Presbyterian church may be engaging in long-running harassment of her, including a threat to burn down her house. The only Presbyterian church on Kenwood Avenue is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA), a mainline Protestant branch that recognizes gay marriage. The church’s website also explicitly mentions welcoming those of diverse sexualities.

Baker apparently moved quickly to market herself on the basis of this incident, as well as promote artwork using the “Relentlessly Gay” motif. By the early hours of June 18, only two days after the GoFundMe went up, Baker launched the website RelentlesslyGay.com, which engages in heavy self-promotion. One page praises Baker in a dramatic way: “From her happy baskets (surprise baskets overflowing with thoughtful treats that she hand-delivers to friends going through hard times or just having an epically bad day) to her being that ‘3am friend’ who’s always there on the phone or in person, even if you’re a state away, Julie is an exceptional human being.”

If it’s a hoax, Baker’s is just the latest in a long line of fake hate crimes.

In the hopes of spurring feminist action last year, Rolling Stone magazine worked with a feminist activist to fabricate a gang rape at the University of Virginia, then falsely claimed school officials refused to investigate it.

Also this year now-former Spokane NAACP president Rachel Dolezal claimed racists had mailed death threats to her post office box.

Those claims fell apart when U.S. postal inspectors found the letters had not been mailed and had been placed there by whoever had the key.  Further investigation found Dolezal not only lied about the note, but lied about eight other hate crimes against her, and even lied about her race.  Dolezal, who claimed to be black, was discovered to be a white person of Swedish descent who darkened her skin and adopted “black” hair to pose as a racial activist.