For many women all over the nation, it feels as though progress for women’s rights continually means moving one step forward, and then two steps back.

Take a recent Pentagon report, for example. The report advocates for the inclusion of women in the registration for Selective Service for any and all future drafts. However, there’s a caveat. The report also states that females can not feasibly meet the same requirements for combat that men can.

The report concludes that our present military is currently adequately meeting the nation’s needs. However, it also states that a draft will always remain open in case of future threat.

The issue of including women in the draft registration has been a hot-button issue for both the media and Congress for years. The report’s views align with former President Obama’s views on social experimentation in the military, including the allowance for women to serve in combat, for transgenders to serve, and for open homosexuality to occur in the military.

And, although President Trump is sharply moving away from Obama’s vision for the military, the holdovers of the previous administration’s actions still have authority.

According to World Net Daily:

The Pentagon says it “appears that, for the most part, expanding registration for the draft to include women would enhance further the benefits presently associated with the selective service system.”

“Opening registration to all members of the population aged 18-25 – regardless of gender – would convey the added benefit of promoting fairness and equity not previously possible in the process and would comport the military selective service system with our nation’s touchstone values of air and equitable treatment, and equality of opportunity.”

However, many people are not onboard with this idea. Critics of Obama’s views and policies strongly believe that the military is not the place for this “social experimentation,” and that equality needs to take a back seat to our doing anything and everything in the nation’s power to destroy the enemy and win future wars.

In addition, some studies on the subject have shown that military units that are 100% male tend to do better in combat than those with both genders.

The Pentagon concedes these point in the report, and acknowledges that the modern military requires different skill sets than perhaps women can provide. According to World Net Daily, the report states:

“Given that females are not authorized to register for the draft, there would be no mechanism by which to collect and maintain a record of their professions, skills, academic degrees, and licenses – even were use of the information intended only for voluntary recruitment purposes,” the study says.

“This would prove an unfortunate omission,” it continues. “A targeted draft in a future war would presumptively focus on highly technical skills in short supply in the labor market as a whole.”

The study says the percentage of individuals “qualified in such skills is unlikely to be as variable by gender as are the combat [military occupation specialties.]”

The clear suggestion is that personnel in “combat” roles are “variable by gender.”

“Authors of the report try to finesse this reality by suggesting, without empirical evidence, that the need for ‘skills-based’ conscription is so great, women would have to be registered for possible SS mobilization,” explained Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness and an expert on military preparedness.

“This is actually a back-handed admission that women are not the physical equals of men in the combat arms,” she said.