Donald Trump won the election running against both Hillary Clinton and the Republican establishment.

Since his victory, there has been an uneasy truce between the populists and conservatives who support Trump and establishment Republicans who represent the donor class.

And that rift could explode if the establishment backs this plot to dump Trump.

Ohio Governor John Kasich was a failed Presidential candidate.

He won only his home state primary of Ohio – and even then he barely topped Trump by single digits – and routinely finished at the bottom of the pack in other state contests.

He lost over 40 primaries and caucuses before dropping out of the race after Trump’s resounding victory in the Indiana primary.

Conservatives grew to detest Kasich for his lectures on how conservatives were all morally deficient people because they opposed Obamacare and amnesty for illegal immigrants.

After dropping out of the race, Kasich continued to be a sore loser and actively worked to elect Hillary Clinton by publically criticizing Trump. He also announced he would write in John McCain for President in the crucial swing state of Ohio.

During the campaign – when most observers believed Trump would lose to Hillary Clinton – Kasich scheduled a speech for the National Press Club where he planned to lay out his vision for the future of the Republican Party.

However, after Trump’s stunning victory, the speech was quickly canceled.

His political humiliation continued when Trump orchestrated the victory of a loyalist over Kasich’s handpicked candidate for Ohio’s GOP State Party Chair.

But now Kasich is back.

He has announced plans to publish a book called, “Two Paths”, which is to be direct rebuke of Trump.

In his book, Kasich will argue for a more “inclusive” Republican Party.

The Washington Post reports:

“Since the campaign, Kasich has been busy governing and working on his book, which will be published on April 25 by the Thomas Dunne Books imprint of St. Martin’s Press.

In an excerpted passage provided to The Washington Post, Kasich does not mention Trump by name. But the president and the rancor left by his campaign is unmistakably the subject — and the author seems to leave the door open to running for president again.

Kasich writes, “Maybe like me you’ve become frustrated at the tone of our national conversation. How did this happen? When did this happen? And, what are we going to do about it?”

He goes on to write, “We’ve got to recognize that the very real problems facing this country cannot be ignored. We cannot be confused or distracted by bitterness and rancor. We cannot allow exclusion to take the place of inclusion. We cannot accept distorted truths and half-baked notions simply because they make us feel good — or, because they make us forget for a moment how we really feel. We must hold fast to our principles as a society, because without them we’re lost. The way forward is to focus on our shared moral compass — the one that points us to honesty, integrity, personal responsibility, faith, humility, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance — that will get us back on track.”

Some are speculating this is Kasich’s opening shot in a bid to launch a primary challenge to Trump.

In fact, Kasich’s failed strategist John Weaver indicated this book tour was Kasich opening the door to another run.

Will the Republican establishment back a Kasich challenge to Trump?

Kasich is the sort of moderate liberal the party elites favor.

In addition to supporting Obamacare, Kasich backs amnesty, global trade deals and an interventionist foreign policy.

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