Marco Rubio just took Hillary’s leftist talking points and used them to attack Donald Trump.

But what’s Rubio’s issue with Trump now?


Thanks to WikiLeaks, the American people now know the real truth behind Hillary’s “private vs. public” persona.

WikiLeaks has exposed thousands of pages of Hillary’s two-faced lies and shady dealings, and the corrupt network she surrounds herself with.

Trump has often referenced WikiLeaks in his speeches, spoken of Hillary’s “crooked” and devious ways, and has called out her reckless foreign policy, like arming ISIS.

And WikiLeaks emails continue to reveal Trump is right, again.

In fact, as American Patriot Daily previously reported, WikiLeaks emails show how the State Department operated while they were using the military to intervene in Libya — which led to the occupation of ISIS — and ultimately, the shipment of weapons from that war and into the hands of jihadists, including ISIS, in Syria.

According to the Clinton emails released by Assange, Clinton took the lead role in organizing the effort to overthrow foreign governments by arming jihadists and ISIS.

The leaked emails show the horror of Hillary’s mishandling of foreign policy, including Benghazi.

And as more emails are released, WikiLeaks continues to be a gift to the Republican Party.

But instead of publicly backing Trump and condemning Hillary Clinton for her massive corruption and shady past, Rubio wants the GOP to turn the other way.

Breitbart reports:

“Rubio said, “What I would say to my Republican colleagues, some of whom may be disappointed by the position I’ve taken is, today it’s them and tomorrow it could be us. And just think about this, do we want to be a country where foreign leaders or foreign intelligence agencies can blackmail our elected officials?”

He added, “I think there is plenty of material we can line up to take on Secretary Clinton. This one is an invitation for chaos and havoc in the future.”

Rubio’s statement mirrors the exact message Hillary’s campaign has been trying to send the American people which is to “look the other way” and “blame Russia”.

When her campaign manager John Podesta’s emails were released, Podesta was quick to play the victim role and blame Russia.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

“Mr. Podesta expressed anger about Russian interference in the election but said he was coping with the fact that his personal communications have been laid bare.

“If you think you’d like all the contents of all your emails for 10 years dumped into public, think about how that feels. It doesn’t feel great,” he said. “But I’m kind of Zen about it at this stage.”

He connected a series of dots to tie the Trump campaign to the hack. He said that Roger Stone, a Trump adviser, had confirmed at one point that he was in touch with Julian Assange, the chief of WikiLeaks, which published his emails. The U.S. intelligence community has accused the Russian government of feeding hacked emails to several organizations, including WikiLeaks, for publication in an attempt to interfere in the U.S. election.”

Trump needs his Party to stand with him against Hillary, and condemn her actions.

But instead of standing with the Republican nominee, Rubio is siding with Hillary’s campaign.

Do you agree with Marco Rubio that Trump and his fellow Republicans should ignore WikiLeaks and turn the other way?

Or do you think Trump should continue to use WikiLeaks to call out Hillary’s double-dealings?

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