Paul Ryan’s conduct since Donald Trump clinched the GOP nomination has puzzled many conservatives.

He initially declined to endorse Trump, and he played along with the liberal media’s “gotcha” politics by condemning Trump’s comments about a judge who Trump believed was biased against him in a civil suit.

But a well-connected Republican donor reveals the sinister reason for Ryan’s actions toward the presumptive GOP nominee.

Many establishment Republicans view Paul Ryan as their golden boy.

He is pro-amnesty.

He champions the global trade deals favored by the donor class.

And he promotes a hawkish foreign policy that advocates American intervention across the globe.

Even though Ryan declined to run in 2016, many establishment Republicans hoped he would be their White Knight candidate in a contested convention should Donald Trump not reach the 1,237 delegates necessary to win the nomination.

But Trump won enough primaries to knock out his competitors and become the Party’s presumptive nominee.

So, according to this well-connected Republican donor, Ryan now has turned his eyes toward the 2020 election.

If he can undermine Trump in 2016, it would open a path for Ryan to become the Republican standard-bearer in the next election.

The Daily Caller reports:

“A longtime Republican financial backer who attended a New York fundraiser held by Chris Christie for Donald Trump Thursday tells The Daily Caller that most Republican donors are on board with Trump, yet House Speaker Paul Ryan is hoping Trump loses so he can run in four years.

The source tells TheDC that the reason Ryan has not been coming out strongly for Trump is because of his desire to run in four years. Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who has been fervently anti-Trump, also wants to run in four years, according to the longtime Republican backer. Romney will be 73 in 2020.”

A Ryan run in 2020 would be the donor class’s attempt to retake the party from the Trump forces and reassert globalism as the guiding light of Republican philosophy.

Politico reports that establishment Republican mega-donors were fuming over Trump’s nomination while attending failed Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s annual retreat:

“…while they may be reluctant to admit it, some are starting to think about the next presidential election — in 2020. Among those making the trek to Utah this week were Ryan, Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker — all of whom were seen here as potential future White House contenders. All were mobbed.

 There are even some who are still holding out hope that Romney, who has been scalding in his criticism of Trump, will reconsider his decision to stay out of the 2016 campaign and find some way to become a candidate. Over the course of the week, a number of supporters approached the 2012 nominee to ask him to enter the fray. His typical response, according to those who witnessed the exchanges: There’s no path for me.”

 Will the donor class and Paul Ryan be successful in sabotaging Trump’s campaign and set up a Paul Ryan 2020 presidential run?

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