Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has always been a lukewarm Donald Trump supporter.

As a darling of the establishment, Ryan favors the pro-amnesty, pro-global trade deal agenda Trump won the GOP nomination campaigning against.

But reports are surfacing Ryan may be on the verge of taking a dramatic action that would throw the election to Hillary Clinton.

Every time a media-generated firestorm flares up over something Trump says, the press rushes to Ryan asking if he will take back his endorsement.

Ryan will dance around the subject and claim his endorsement was never a blank check.

The Speaker’s less than supportive remarks then serve to add fuel to a negative news cycle.

Now in the wake of a 2005 tape of Trump making lewd remarks, Ryan has discussed taking the drastic step of rescinding his endorsement.

Politico reports:

“Ryan (R-Wis.) has publicly and privately grown dismayed by the tone and tenor of Trump’s campaign, according to multiple sources with direct knowledge of his thinking. And Ryan has reviewed with close advisers whether to abandon the GOP nominee. The discussions occurred after the bombshell video Friday of Trump talking in predatory terms about his sexual exploits, but before the second presidential debate Sunday night.

Ryan is gathering House Republicans on a conference call Monday morning at 11 a.m..

No decision has been made. But that the speaker of the House has even mulled abandoning his own party’s presidential nominee is illustrative of the extraordinarily bizarre political climate in the Republican Party.

“I think they all face the same dilemma to varying degrees,” a senior House Republican leadership aide said, echoing the sentiment of multiple high-level aides and lawmakers interviewed by POLITICO. “How to express displeasure in a meaningful way… How best to help members in tough races… How to try to rebuild the party post the anticipated apocalypse. I think they are all having individual and group discussions wrestling with this.”

If Ryan were to withdraw his endorsement it would be an unprecedented move that could swing the election to Hillary Clinton.

He would signal to Republican voters that the party has given up on the campaign which could depress turnout, costing the GOP not just the White House, but control over both houses of Congress.

Trump campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, fired back at the Speaker in an interview on CBS and demanded he keep his word.

Politico reports:

“I certainly hope Speaker Ryan keeps his word and his endorsement of Donald Trump,” Kellyanne Conway said on “CBS This Morning” — an aspiration she delivered with a veiled threat.

 “Speaker Ryan, of course, took to the stage in Wisconsin in his event and faced some boos from the crowd because those who were [there] expected to see Donald Trump,” Conway added. “But we’re happy the speaker of the House has endorsed the nominee Donald Trump.”

Throughout the primary campaign, Ryan was often accused of trying to undermine Trump in order to set up a White House bid of his own in 2020.

If Trump were to win, he could succeed in reshaping the GOP into a populist party that puts the concerns of working Americans ahead of those of the donor class.

Big money contributors and party elites are more in line with Paul Ryan’s pro-open borders and pro-managed trade deal agendas.

A Trump victory would shuffle those priorities to the back of the line.

So will Paul Ryan take the step of renouncing Trump and throw the election to Hillary?

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