Obama has vowed to make gun regulation his top priority in the final year of his presidency.

But that could end up backfiring on Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

The latest CNN/ORC poll shows a stunning 62% of Americans disapprove of Obama’s actions on gun regulations. Only 35% said they support his actions.

And in a shocking turnaround of a long-standing trend, 51% of Americans say they oppose stricter gun laws with only 48% saying gun laws should be stricter.

But wait, it gets worse for Obama.

39 % think Obama has gone too far trying to regulate guns.

Only 38 % say he has not gone far enough, despite a coordinated effort by the media to make it appear gun crimes are epidemic.

That spells trouble for Hillary Clinton.

Not only are pro-gun voters angered by Obama’s rhetoric, their numbers are growing to get out and vote in 2016.

That’s forcing Clinton to walk a fine line.

In order to be competitive against her Republican opponent, she needs to clinch the Democrat nomination quickly while spending as little as possible.

But Democrat primary voters are rabidly anti-gun and radically out of touch with most Americans on this issue.

Clinton is faced with a tough choice: Either wrap up the nomination quickly by calling for stricter gun laws, but risk losing in November; or stay silent on gun laws, alienating Democrat voters and forcing her to spend additional time and money to formally become the party’s nominee.

Right now, Clinton is choosing the former, calling for new anti-gun laws, gun bans, and promising to go even further than Obama in issuing anti-gun Executive Orders in defiance of Congress.

While that may help her sew up the anti-gun vote which dominates Democrat primaries, it’s causing trouble in swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Nevada where independent voters are increasingly pro-gun in their voting.