Anti-Russia hysteria is sweeping the so-called “mainstream” media and the political establishment in both parties.

Some have claimed Russia’s alleged hacking into the email accounts belonging to Democrat National Committee staffers and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta are an “act of war.”

And Obama just made a move some believe could be a tripwire for World War 3.

The Peninsula – which is attached to Ukraine – gained its freedom in 1991 after the Soviet Union collapsed.

In 2014, Russia annexed Crimea after the pro-Russian President of Ukraine was removed from office in the Ukrainian Revolution.

The controversial move was not recognized by the United States or the vast majority of the international community.

Shortly after, the United States, European Union, and other nations imposed sanctions on Russia that led to a severe financial crisis in the former U.S.S.R.

But that hasn’t stopped some establishment hawks from clamoring for a stronger response.

After allegations surfaced that Russian government-linked hackers provided the emails obtained from DNC staffers and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta to the privacy group WikiLeaks, establishment politicians stepped up their rhetoric against Russia.

They falsely claim Russia “hacked the election”.

But “hacking the election” would imply vote totals were altered, and there is zero evidence this occurred.

In response to emails from his political allies being released, Obama imposed new sanctions on Russia, closed two compounds suspected of being used for intelligence gathering, and expelled 35 diplomats from America.

Arizona Senator John McCain called the supposed Russian hacking “an act of war.”

CNN reports:

“McCain, who is one of Washington’s most prominent foreign policy hardliners, has criticized the recent sanctions and expulsions announced by the Obama administration this week as insufficient and belated. He made his latest comments in Ukraine, a nation threatened by a resurgent Russia, after meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

“When you attack a country, it’s an act of war,” McCain said of the recent hackings on Ukrainian TV, according to a transcript compiled by Reuters. “And so we have to make sure that there is a price to pay so that we can perhaps persuade Russians to stop this kind of attacks on our very fundamentals of democracy.”

McCain also demanded a Congressional investigation into the alleged hacking.

The hysteria has also caught on in the so-called “mainstream” media.

They uncritically accept the anonymous leak made by intelligence officials that Russia was behind the hacking, even though no evidence has been offered to back up their claim.

And this feeding frenzy has led the Washington Post to print two fake news stories.

One was about pro-Russian websites spreading “fake news” during the election and the other was about Russian hackers penetrating the U.S. electric grid.

Some observers are seeing the very same furor ginned up by the establishment media and politicians against Russia that was fed to the American people over a decade ago when politicians, intelligence community member, and the media all confidently declared Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.

In fact, Trump has cited the WMD failure as a good reason to distrust the intelligence community leak that it was Russia behind the hacking.

But it’s not just the news media and hawkish members of Congress who believe America is on a collision course with Russia.

Obama has deployed Special Forces to the Baltic States to ease their fears of Russian aggression.

The Independent reports:

“US Special Forces have been deployed close to the border with Russia as part of a “persistent” presence of American troops in the Baltics. 

Dozens of special ops solders are being stationed along Europe’s eastern flank to reassure Nato allies Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

The move will also allow the US to monitor Russian manoeuvres amid fears of further destabilisation following its annexation of Crimea in 2014.

General Raymond Thomas, head of the Pentagon’s Special Operations Command, said the Baltic states were “desperate” for America’s help in deterring potential Russian aggression. “

U.S. forces operating on the Russian border could be a tripwire for a shooting war.

Trump campaigned on aligning with Russia to fight Islamic terrorism.

Some on his team argue that the new sanctions are being imposed to tie his hands and prevent him from implementing his desired foreign policy.

If Trump lifts the sanctions, Democrats and hawkish Republicans will argue he is “soft” on Russia.

If he leaves them in place, he could damage his ability to reorient America’s relationship with Russia.

And now American troops are training local forces and gathering intelligence because the leaders fear Russia will swallow up their nations next.

But is putting American troops on the ground and ramping up sanctions, as well as other penalties, going to deescalate the situation – or push America closer to World War 3?

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