Is Mitt Romney about to hand the election to Hillary Clinton?

Conservatives thought they dodged a bullet when the former failed candidate passed on establishment Republicans’ overtures to run a third party campaign.

But his latest remarks have many wondering if he may be on the verge of doing the unthinkable.

Will Mitt Romney endorse Hillary Clinton?

It is no secret Romney hates presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Romney is the type of establishment figure the GOP base rejected this cycle in favor of the populist New York real estate developer.

Mitt Romney stands for global trade deals, Wall Street bailouts, and the Republican version of socialized medicine.

Other than inventing ObamaCare, Romney’s signature achievement in politics has been losing elections.

But despite continued electoral defeats, Romney continued to fail his way up.

The more elections he lost, the more influence he gained as an establishment Republican “statesman.”

As his brand of “Republicanism” has been threatened by the rise of Trump, Romney has lashed out.

He gave a speech before Super Tuesday where he blasted Trump.

But no one cared.

Trump proceeded to win seven states on Super Tuesday on his way to the nomination.

Now he’s bashing Trump and offering a qualified defense of Hillary Clinton.

Speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Romney stated that Hillary was “wrong within the normal parameters” of American politics.

That means Romney believes he and Clinton have similar goals, but just have slightly different means of achieving the same ends.

To the establishment this always means growing government, intervening in foreign conflicts and making sure those who get rich off government continue to gain access to the public trough.

Former Bush speechwriter David Frum picked up on these remarks and noted it appeared to him Romney was setting the stage for an eventual endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

He tweeted:

Many critics would argue that Romney endorsing Clinton would just be the elite — no matter which party they claim to represent — closing ranks and supporting one of their own over an outsider.

As an establishment Republican, Romney would find more in common with Hillary Clinton’s agenda than he would with Trump’s nationalist populism.

Establishment Republicans find much to applaud in Hillary’s interventionist foreign policy, as well as her support for global trade deals and open borders.

Will Romney endorsing Clinton give permission to rank-and-file establishment Republicans to abandon the ticket in the fall and hand the presidency to Hillary?

If they do, it will reveal that these Republicans really have no disagreements with Democrats, and that their true ideology is globalism.