Some Democrats are pushing for a Hillary Clinton comeback.

They aren’t convinced her loss in the Presidential election has finished her political career for good.

But her loss could put her into a position where she can directly challenge Donald Trump.

Many pundits assumed her second failed Presidential bid closed the book on her nearly 30-year quest to win the White House.

They also figured it was the last America would see of Hillary in public life.

Still, some Democrats are urging Hillary to make a comeback.

And it involves her running for Mayor of New York City in 2017.

Newsmax reports:

“Barely two months after Hillary Clinton lost the presidency to Donald Trump, she is being urged by major Democratic donors and leaders to make a bid for New York City’s mayor and challenge incumbent Bill de Blasio, Newsmax has learned.

“She’s talking about it,” a former city Democratic elected official admitted to Newsmax over the weekend, saying the idea has not been dismissed by the former first lady’s inner circle.

He and other sources say Clinton is being pushed to run by Democrats dissatisfied over de Blasio’s mayoralty.

“If she ran, she’d win,” another source with deep ties to the Democratic and media establishment said.

Some Clinton advisers are reportedly predicting Trump will stumble badly in his first term, encouraging Hillary to stay on the sidelines in case she wants to make another bid for the White House in 2020.

But even her closest allies say the chances of her running for president again are small.

Veteran New York Democratic consultant Hank Sheinkopf told Newsmax that Clinton “would be a terrific candidate for mayor.”

Many Democrats – including those close to the Clintons – do not believe she will run for Mayor.

But those pushing her to do so are delighted by the possibility that as Mayor of Trump’s hometown, she can challenge him on a daily basis.

Politico reports:

“Some admit to the fantasy of Clinton’s being mayor of the city Trump calls home, of driving him crazy just by being there but also getting up in his face the way de Blasio’s been trying to in the hopes of scoring his own political points. Or the irony of winning an office that was once the dream job of Anthony Weiner, whose sexting broke up the marriage of her closest aide and gave FBI Director Jim Comey the confiscated computer that let him write that letter to Congress.”

The Clintons have not publically shot down the idea of Hillary running for Mayor.

And this has caused some to question why.

Current Mayor Bill de Blasio was slow to endorse Hillary in 2016, even though he managed her 2000 campaign for Senate.

Some speculate the Clintons may be letting him twist in the wind as payback for perceived disloyalty.

Politico also reports:

“There’s also a growing sense of the absurdity of the discussion — and frustration even among some confidants that she and her team are letting the rumor sit out there, noticeably not shooting it down, letting it linger.

“Everybody in politics knows why they are doing it. It’s very high school,” said Karen Hinton, a former Bill Clinton administration aide who was de Blasio’s press secretary at City Hall until last summer and believes this is just score-settling from Clinton’s orbit. “It’s obvious she is not going to run, so why aren’t people just saying that?”

Will Hillary Clinton mount a comeback by running for Mayor of New York?

The odds are clearly against it.

Many recall that after losing the 1960 Presidential election to John Kennedy, Vice President Richard Nixon ran for Governor of California in 1962 and suffered a blowout defeat.

Would the same fate await Hillary if she ran for Mayor of New York?