Radical religious sects and terrorist groups have long been a threat to the Western world.

The Islamic State has terrorized innocents for years now, with al-Qaeda before them.

But now, another terrorist group is seceding in the Middle East–and they could be the most terrifying yet.

A group of radicalists are breaking away from the Islamic State after being unhappy with their organization.

The group, known as Ansar al-Sharia is rising in Pakistan as a proto al-Qaeda group.

Recruits are being brought in from ISIS defectives and the group was founded by two ex-al-Qaeda militants.

The Daily Caller reported:

The group plays to militants upset with the way ISIS has sowed disunity, and as such, the tactics employed bear far more resemblance to those of al-Qaida, rather than ISIS. The group claims no formal affiliation with al-Qaida, but it does explicitly acknowledge strong influence from Osama bin Laden.

“The Ansar al-Sharia group started killings in Karachi since the beginning of this year and claimed responsibility for killing an army officer on Faisal Highway [in Karachi],” Major General Mohammad Saeed, head of a paramilitary security group in Karachi, told local media, according to Voice of America.

Saeed noted that Ansar al-Sharia has only been launching attacks against the police.

The group’s membership is not restricted to males. Pakistani police have arrested four female members already. Moreover, Ansar al-Sharia’s “kill team” sports three young men with graduate degrees in applied physics, showcasing the group is capable of recruiting talent.

Ansar al-Sharia has made announcements of its existence via Twitter, stating: “We give glad tidings to Muslim Ummah that a large number of Mujahideen from Karachi, Punjab and tribal areas are leaving ranks of IS and announce disassociation with [it].”

VOA was unable to independently verify the Twitter account’s authenticity.

There have been at least 7 confirmed attacks by the new terrorist sect in 2017, mainly targeting police officers.

President Trump has not yet commented on the potential threat but has made his anti-terrorist stance quite clear in the past.

With terrorist sects in the Middle East advancing and tension between North Korea and the US mounting, the United States could be headed for a major conflict against the Eastern world.

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