A little girl was molested by Middle Eastern refugees in a small farming town called Twin Falls, Idaho.

What was originally reported by the Drudge Report as the gang-rape of a 5-year-old girl by Syrian refugees, turned out to be the sexual assault of a 5-year-old girl by three refugees from other Arabic nations.

The assailants are now widely known to be of Iraqi and Sudanese descent, and according to an article in The Washington Post, are recipients of refugee status from the U.S. Government.

The Washington Post article is quick to casually point out the falsehoods of the original stories that have circulated.

With a population of 44,000 people, rumors in Twin Falls swirled as the tight-lipped judge concealed details from public view.

But while the assailants may not have been of Syrian descent, and may not have used a knife, and may have only assaulted and molested the helpless child – rather than raping her, the Middle Eastern migrants did assault the child in a laundry room of their low-income apartment complex they shared with the victim.

The assault continued until an 89-year old woman discovered the child, who was crying for help. According to ABC, the retired nurse found the little girl naked and covered in urine.

Two boys were naked, and one, possibly older than the others, was filming the incident.

The Twin Falls Police Chief Craig Kingsbury acknowledged, “The number one priority is the victim… We have a young girl who has been victimized.”

But that seemed to come a close second for The Washington Post and Kingsbury whose main focus has actually been to “dispel the rumors” and invalidate the “disinformation on social media.” Presumably this is to protect Syrians from false negative advertising.

“With so much false information out there,” the police chief Kingsbury said, “it’s hard to unring a bell.”

According to another article in The Washington Post,

“The United States Attorney’s Office extends its support to the five-year-old victim of assault, and her family, at the Fawnbrook Apartments in Twin Falls. The United States Attorney’s Office further encourages community members in Twin Falls and throughout Idaho to remain calm and supportive, to pay close attention to the facts that have been released by law enforcement and the prosecuting attorney, and to avoid spreading false rumors and inaccuracies….

 The spread of false information or inflammatory or threatening statements about the perpetrators or the crime itself reduces public safety and may violate federal law. We have seen time and again that the spread of falsehoods about refugees divides our communities. I urge all citizens and residents to allow Mr. Loebs and Chief Kingsbury and their teams to do their jobs.”

The mother of the 5-year-old child said a month after the incident, “She’s still traumatized really bad. This week she starts in counseling When she sees boys, she’ll tell me, ‘Those are bad boys, those are all bad boys,” according to WND.

She also says the local police officers took over two hours to arrive on the crime scene after they were called on the date of the incident, and that local authorities have declined to grant her access to the 9-1-1 call transcripts and medical reports.

The family of the victim lives in low-income housing and the mother has significant health issues. Her other child, a boy, has autism.

According to WND, the mother says, “We are trying to move but the child [perpetrator] does still live here next to us. I don’t let her play outside, and my child feels like a prisoner in her own home.”

“The local media, I feel like they’re against us, because they get the wrong story and they switch it around,” she told WND. “I won’t even talk to the local media. I just think everything they say is B.S.”

According to numbers from the federal Refugee Processing Center, 842 Iraqi refugees have been taken into Idaho, with 216 of them residing in Twin Falls (26%). 213 Sudanese refugees have been accepted into the state, with 161 residing in Twin Falls (76%).