Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Russia’s alleged meddling in the 2016 election.

The former Obama official is at the heart of the controversy over spying on Trump officials and fueling evidence-free suspicion that Trump’s team colluded with Russia.

And his testimony has led one key Senator to ask some disturbing questions.

Chairman Lindsey Graham grilled Clapper on surveillance of the Trump team and if they were picked up on incidental surveillance.

In an interview of Fox News, Graham dropped the bombshell that Clapper’s testimony about the unmasking of Trump officials caught up in surveillance of some members of the campaign were caught up in incidental collection contradicted what he previously had told him.

Real Clear Politics reports on his remarks:

“LINDSEY GRAHAM: I like General Clapper, he has been a patriot for a long time… It was the Russians that tried to interfere in our election, every member of the committee agrees it was the Russians. But here is why it is important to know about the unmasking of the conversations between the ambassador and Gen. Flynn.

Somebody took that information and leaked it to the Washington Post. You can not allow intelligence to be politicized, so I want to get to the bottom line on who did that. There is a small universe of people who can ask the intelligence community to give them conversations between a foreign agent and an American citizen, and Gen. Clapper contradicted himself.

I asked him point blank: Was there any incidental collection of presidential campaign candidates or their campaign team. He later said yes, there was with Trump, there was an unmasking request [Clapper] made regarding a member of Congress and Trump. Were there more? I don’t know.”

So far in the Russia investigation, the leak of Mike Flynn talking to the Russian ambassador is the only crime that has been identified.

Graham revealed that the unmasking request involving Trump and members of Congress contradicted what he was previously told.

Real Clear Politics also reports:

“That’s completely contrary to what they told me earlier,” Graham said about the answers in the above link. “Now we know there was at least one.”

“Why does this matter? I want to know what kind of system we have in America,” Graham said. “I talk to foreign leaders all the time in my capacity as a U.S. senator. If the intelligence community is capturing my conversations, because they are focused on… the guy I am talking to, I want to know what they can do with my part of the conversation.”

“I may be talking about things that are no business of the executive branch to know. I’m really very much concerned we’re got a system in place where you can capture conversations between American citizens, political leaders, and somebody with a political bent can take that information and use it in a political fashion. Like leaking it to the Washington Post.”

“I’m very worried about what Russia did in the election and what they could do in the future, but there are two battlefields here: What the Russians did… and what did the Obama administration do when it comes to unmasking for intelligence gathering purposes,” he said.”

Did the Obama administration abuse their powers by politicizing intelligence leaks to damage the Trump administration?

Critics believe that to be the case.

And Clapper’s contradictory testimony is only tossing more logs onto the fire.