This was the moment Ilhan Omar and other anti-American socialists were waiting for.

Their success in defeating President Trump and overthrowing the American way of life depends on one critical deception.

And Ilhan Omar kept one Black Lives Matter reality hidden from the American people.

There’s no politician that hates the police as much as Rep. Ilhan Omar.

She called for the Minneapolis police to be completely defunded, saying that the Minneapolis Police Department was like cancer.

“The Minneapolis Police Department is rotten to the root, and so when we dismantle it, we get rid of that cancer, and we allow for something beautiful to rise, and that reimagining allows us to figure out what public safety looks like for us,” Omar said in a speech she made during the protests.

Yet “something beautiful” has not sprung up in the wake of the Minneapolis City Council’s decision to disband the police department.

Ted Williams, a former Washington D.C. police detective, said “the criminals are taking over.”

There was a mass shooting in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“Witnesses say that at least two groups of people were shooting at each other, and the shooting, which took place just after midnight, ‘continued up the block’ until the two groups disappeared into the night, leaving a mess — and at least one person dead. The ground was littered with shells, witnesses told local media, from at least three different weapons.” The Daily Wire reported.

One person died and twelve more were wounded in the shooting.

“Screams were audible on a live video posted to Facebook that showed the aftermath at the scene,” a local Minnesota CBS affiliate said Sunday. “Small crowds of people gathered, with some crouched over victims lying on the pavement before police officers on bicycles showed up to attend to them. Splatters of blood on the pavement were visible in the video after the victims were taken to local hospitals — some via ambulance and others in private vehicles, according to the police release.”

The Minneapolis police have not made any arrests so far as officials try to eliminate their existence.

The head of the Minneapolis City Council said that concerns about getting rid of the police were because of “white privilege.”

It isn’t “white privilege” to want to be able to call the police when a mass shooting is underway.

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Every American should be able to call the police when their physical safety is at risk.

We should talk about ways to build up trust and cooperation between the police and disadvantaged communities so that everyone feels safe calling the police.

If police are unable to do their jobs, the homicide rates, rape rates and the violent crime rates will go up.

Law enforcement is a necessary part of public safety and the vast majority of the millions of interactions the police have with the public are peaceful.

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