Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar is stirring up trouble with her attempts to hide the truth about the ongoing protests.

She’s trying to get rioters out of trouble.

Ilhan Omar is terrified that the government will stop her illegal scheme.

There’s an attempt on the left to change the narrative on the violent protests due to George Floyd’s death.

The death of George Floyd after a police officer knelt on his neck for several minutes should be condemned, but the looting and murder of the rioters should not be excused.

Many states have called up their National Guard troops to quell the rioting.

Nikole Hannah-Jones, the head of The New York Times Magazine’s 1619 Project said, “When we think about someone taking an act to take something from some big-box-name store, it is symbolic,” she said. “That one pair of shoes that you’ve stolen from Foot Locker is not going to change your life. But it is a symbolic taking.”

Retailers lose billions of dollars’ worth of inventory every year just due to normal shoplifting and the price for it is passed to the consumer.

The inner city communities that are being looted and destroyed are the ones that will suffer.

The riots of Los Angeles in 1992 not only caused $1 billion in damage, it also caused the city to lose $3 billion in development.

The current unrest is not peaceful protesters being demonized by the media and the looting is not a symbolic taking.

It is destructive.

Americansdo have the right to peacefully protest and they should, but the current protests are not peaceful.

“One would be hard-pressed to find instances of ‘peaceful protests’ as violence and anarchy erupted in major cities across the U.S. over the weekend, with the chaotic scenes dominating news coverage. Video after video shows protesters embracing Antifa-like tactics, setting buildings and police vehicles on fire, pillaging businesses, and violently attacking authorities.” Breitbart commented.

Ilhan Omar seems to think that authorities are looking to infringe upon peaceful protests.

“This is major progress,” Omar said of the news of Ellison taking over Floyd’s case.

“Here are two more steps Governor Walz can take to respond to George Floyd’s murder:” Omar continued. “1. Call on the police board to revoke all 4 officers’ law enforcement licenses 2. Reject any attempt to criminalize peaceful protest.”

The idea that governors are trying to stop peaceful protests is ridiculous.

“Many Democrats have tried to maintain the ‘peaceful protest’ narrative amid the chaos. That includes Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D), who on Sunday stated that Pennsylvanians have been ‘joining together to speak out against this injustice and make their voices heard, peacefully’ before adding that such protests have been ‘co-opted by violence and looting.’” Breitbart continued.

Anyone looking at CNN’s website would imagine that the protests have been remarkably peaceful and it is only the police and Trump that have turned them violent.

Violence on every side should be deplored. This includes both police brutality and looting and attacks of police officers.