All over the world, statues are coming down for the most insane reasons.

The worst nightmare for many Americans is coming true.

Ilhan Omar celebrated. She found out this Founding Father’s statue is coming down.

Protesters tore down a statue of George Washington and lit his head on fire with an American flag.

George Washington was a slave owner but he did not support the institution and set all his slaves free upon his death.

Ilhan Omar has cheered on the protesters tearing down statues.

Just three years ago,The New York Times wrote, “There is a crucial difference between leaders like Washington and Jefferson, imperfect men who helped create the United States…and Confederate generals like Jackson and Lee, whose main historical significance is that they took up arms against it.”

Yet the differencesbetween the Founding Fathers and the Confederate generals have been swept away as Democrats show their utter hatred for America’s heritage.

It isn’t just America where protesters are taking down statues.

The statue of Winston Churchill has been placed in a box to protect the statue from protesters in London.

Antifa should love Churchill. Never was there a man who fought harder against fascism than Winston Churchill.

Without Churchill, there’s a good chance that England would have sued for peace with the Nazis and Hitler would very likely have won.

Yet in Germany they are putting up a statue of Vladimir Lenin.

“The long-dead foreign dictator is being honoured in the German city of Gelsenkirchen with a statue, a 1950s relic of the former Soviet vassal state of Czechoslovakia — even as statues of historic Westerners are being torn down across the world amid the now-global Black Lives Matter unrest.” Breitbart reported.

Lenin was the first leader of the Soviet Union and killed many people he deemed as traitors in Russia’s civil war.

Historian Sergei Volkov claims that between 1917 and 1922 the communists, under Lenin, killed up to two million people.

He is not as bad as his protégé Stalin who went on to kill approximately 20 million, but that’s not saying much.

The Communist Parties over the last one hundred years have killed more people than the Nazis or the Atlantic slave trade.

Lenin started one of the worst and most oppressive systems in the history of the world.

If anyone should have their statue removed, it is Lenin who made the people of Russia into slaves of the Soviet Union.

Yet for the protesters, racism is the only crime that they think is worth considering.

Many Democrats are trying to replace the Judeo-Christian heritage that helped build Western civilization with communist ideals.

It’s not a few statues that are at risk, they are trying to change the core identity of what it means to be an American.

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