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Joe Biden isn’t even president yet.

And already Democrats are tearing each other apart.

Ilhan Omar betrayed Joe Biden with this stunning statement.

The Democrats didn’t perform the way that the polls and the mainstream media predicted they would.

Joe Biden is only barely winning some of the critical states that he needs to win the election and he’s facing legal challenges due to election irregularitiesthat could invalidate votes.

The majority in the Senate will rest on two runoff elections and Democrats would have to win both of them in order to gain the majority.

The Democrats have lost 12 seats in the House and five races are currently undecided.

This isn’t the victory that Democrats were looking for, yet they are still trying to claim that they have a mandate from the American people for their radical agenda.

If Democrats are smart they will try and make their platform more moderate.

However, the radical socialist wing wants to keep that from happening.

Rep. Ilhan Omar said that Biden only won the election because of “chaos” in the GOP and the Democrats have a duty to implement huge changes.

“We owe it to the movement to make sure that the chaos they voted against does not follow us to our caucus, and to make sure that the justice they seek is implemented in the policies that we advocate for,” Omar said during an interview on MSNBC.

“I know that Biden invited the American people to be a unifying force against darkness,” Omar said. “And as a caucus, we have to be unified against that. To think about allowing ourselves to get the Republicans to decide how we are to function as a caucus is really painful because this is, you know, a party that has lied, that has smeared, that has used everything that they can to attack us, and it’s a party that has been against the social and economic justice we’ve all been fighting for. It’s a party that has allowed for chaos to reign for four years.”

“So, the American people have decided to put us in charge to say we want to see something different,” Omar added. “And we can’t disappoint them…”

The majority of Americans don’t want the American system exchanged for Omar’s socialist experiment.

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Democratic Virginia Rep. Abigail Spanberger said to Democrats “we need to not ever use the words ‘socialist’ or ‘socialism’ ever again.”

This infighting between moderate and radical Democrats is going to be a huge problem going forward.

Biden sat in his basement during the campaign and appeased both sides by not saying anything.

However, if he becomes president, the Democrats will actually have to decide policy and that will cause the divisions among them to grow.

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