This line of corruption goes deep.

But does it go deeper than we thought?

Now, Hunter Biden’s report reveals these secrets that never were supposed to see the light of day.

Last Wednesday, the Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley and Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson released their majority staff report entitled, “Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and Related Concerns.”

While this sounds like the next dramatic novel to hit the presses, the reality is far more terrifying.

Unfortunately, this is not fiction, but real life.

The most disturbing part is that he is actually getting away with these crimes and the media putting the story in the best light possible.

By framing it as “old news” or “uncontroversial,” CNN, Politico, CBS, and others are attempting to sweep Hunter Biden’s extreme misdeeds under the rug.

They don’t want any stain to remain on Biden’s record because his dad is their golden boy at the moment.

To these news sites, the Democrats can do no wrong, even when there are mountains of evidence detailing their chorus of wrongdoings.

Specifically, records have shown that Hunter Biden was paid millions of dollars by Russian, Chinese, and Ukrainian oligarchs.

Thus, the report labels his crimes as “corruption” only.

There are many reports floating around about the extent of his corruption and the implications it has on politics and the country as a whole.

One such report was by a writer for The Spectator who goes by the name Cockburn.

He stated:

“A passive observer might take this all in and think that Hunter Biden’s foreign adventures are a worthy topic of discussion while his father runs for president.

That passive observer would be wrong, according to the press. Hunter Biden strikes Cockburn as a very interesting figure, yet news operations are suddenly competing to see who can find his exploits least interesting. CNN, the AP, Politico, and CBS all variously dismissed the report as old news, politically charged, or ‘controversial’. The finest headline of all belongs to The New York Times, though: ‘Republican Inquiry Finds No Evidence of Wrongdoing by Biden.’

No evidence? Hunter Biden was paid millions of dollars by Ukrainian, Russian and Chinese oligarchs. In fact, he was paid a lot more than Russia ever spent on the Facebook ads liberals think swung the 2016 election. That’s plenty of evidence. What the Times and others mean is that there is no proof of wrongdoing by Biden. But so what? There was never one shred of proof for the Russia collusion conspiracy theory, but the Times accepted a Pulitzer for hundreds of articles obsessively chronicling that story. They’re still at it to this day.

But don’t expect any months-long investigation into Hunter Biden, now or ever. He’s only a Democrat.”

Cockburn strikes the heart of the issue: Hunter Biden will never be prosecuted – no matter how much evidence is against him – because he is a Democrat.

And the media can’t say anything bad about the Democrats.