Picture courtesy of HAL Turner Radio Show

Americans are watching with horrific anticipation as 294 more sealed indictments have been being filed by Federal Courts throughout the nation.

It’s very rare for any district to have more than 1 or 2 sealed indictments in just one district, let alone multiple. However, hundreds are pouring in now, and it’s looking like this trend isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Between the 294 new sealed indictments across the nation and the 91 in East Virginia and Washington DC, this equates to close t0 400 of these indictments. This is a record-breaking, off-the-charts number. Even more frightening, this is by far the highest number of indictments at any one time in the nation’s history.

Although we don’t yet know what’s in these files yet, it’s pretty easy to figure out if you connect the dots. Think about it – we’ve been hearing about more uncovered pedophile cases showing up in the news and media in the last three weeks than ever before.

After years of silence, the nation is now hearing case after case of perverts across the globe and their actions coming to light. These indictments are coming from everywhere from Hollywood to Washington DC.

Not to mention, we’ve been hearing about Uranium One with its money laundering, kickbacks, bribery and extortion. And who can forget how Clinton and the DNC were laundering money through Perkins Cole Law Firm?

It is no coincidence that all of the areas in the above list are also the stomping grounds of the administrations leading as far back as former President Bush.

As more and more sealed indictments continue to come pouring in, it is only a matter of time to see the what the repercussions will be for the so-called “elite” in the U.S.