mlkUniversity of Oregon activists want MLK banned from campus, and the reason is insane

College liberals have identified and targeted the latest face of hate and intolerance.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

The University of Oregon’s Daily Emerald reports:
Since 1986, the University of Oregon has housed a quote by Martin Luther King Jr. in the lobby of the Erb Memorial Union. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. I have a dream…”

However, this hasn’t always been the quote that filled the entrance of the EMU and there was talk of the quote changing again. The quote is not going to change, but that decision was not made without some hard thought by the Student Union Board.

Laurie Woodward, the Director of the Student Union said that when she approached the union with the question of if they wanted to keep the current MLK quote or supplement a new one, one of the students asked, “Does the MLK quote represent us today?”

“Diversity is so much more than race. Obviously race still plays a big role. But there are people who identify differently in gender and all sorts of things like that,” sophomore architecture major, Mia Ashley said.

Yes, they wanted the quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. literally scrubbed off campus walls because it didn’t represent transgendered people – the latest liberal fad.
What’s ironic is that the University’s original quote, “leader in the quest for the good life for all men”, was replaced with MLK’s quote because the feminist movement of the ‘80’s viewed the term “men” as sexist and prejudice.

But now the rich, white, liberals battle each other on who can be the most offended and have reached the point where even MLK is too bigoted for them.

King’s dream will stay on the walls for now, but crusading liberals haven’t given up on their quest to erase him from history to indulge their egos.

“Woodward says she has no idea if the quote will change again in the near future, but she’s merely excited that important discussions like this are being held on campus again,” The Emerald reports.

“What words are is important,” she says, “but what’s more important is that people think about what the words should be.”

“If it were to happen, this would be a feat that would bring in the entire University of Oregon student population to some extent, which is a big reason she thinks the Student Union wasn’t ready to take it on. Though the quote wasn’t up in time for Martin Luther King Jr. day, Woodward says it is promised to be up in the next couple of weeks,” The Emerald reports.

“It’s just one more step in becoming a building,” says Woodward.

Because a “building” isn’t a “building” unless it includes the transgendered.

And 30 years from now, you can bet transgendered people will be viewed as intolerant for not being trans-specied.