Hurricane Harvey isn’t just hitting the southern U.S – it’s also hitting our nation’s oil industry. And the effects may last far longer than the tropical storm.

Hurricane Harvey has been knocking out large amounts of refineries along the Gulf Coast. As a result, gas prices will rise (potentially exponentially), and will cloud over President Trump’s plan of a bright and sunny economic future for the nation.

Gas prices are increasing already. The national average was $2.45 on Friday – about 12 cents higher than it was a couple weeks ago. The cost per gallon will likely increase by 10 cents or more while the refineries work to repair damages and restart.

And, although this increase may not seem like much, the combination of increasing gas prices and exponential damages from Hurricane Harvey may leave a heavy weight on the economy.

As The Hill states:

“The negative effect will be not pretty,” said Stephen Moore, a fellow at the Heritage Foundation and former Trump transition energy adviser.

“We’re talking about maybe knocking half a percent, or one percent, off GDP for a quarter or two, higher gas prices for sure, because Houston is the energy capital of the country. … So all those things are negative.”

Moore said he follows a rule of thumb that every penny increase in commercial gasoline prices takes $1 billion to $2 billion out of the economy from consumers.

That means that as prices rise after Harvey, the economy could be hit even harder, including from lost economic production in Houston — the country’s fourth biggest city — and the spending needed for a major federal recovery effort.

“It’s a question of how much the prices are already starting to rise,” he said. “I don’t know how fast this industry can recover … Could we see gas prices over $3? Potentially. That would be a big hit to consumer finances.”

Trump has been touting the image of a bright future for our economy for the past nine months. However, this major disruption in the economy quickly undercuts one of the president’s most consistent messages.

This is not good news for the president, as his approval ratings have been sinking deeper and deeper. However, according to a recent Fox News survey, Trump has a 41% overall approval rating, and 49% of those responding were in favor of his work on the economy.

As refineries are slowly getting back to work, gas prices steadily increase, and the total effects of Hurricane Harvey are realized, time will tell if the president’s approval rating weathers the storm.