Looking to purchase a new firearm? If so, you’ll want to take advantage of the opportunity and buy one in the next month or so.

The reason? Well, it’s all thanks to Hillary Clinton.

The National Instant Criminal Background Check System has been reporting that this year will be the second busiest year when it comes to filing background checks. They’re predicting 2017 will only be slightly less busy than 2016.

The reason background check numbers were so high last year is because everyone was worrying Hillary Clinton would become president. And so millions began buying guns in order to be ready come the election.

But, as we all know, Trump became president, and took the world by surprise (including the gun industry).

Guns shops had been anticipating Clinton’s presidential victory, and so they began overstocking their inventory, knowing they’d likely still sell out after the election.

Unfortunately for them, gun sales went down once Trump won, and so Americans found no more desire to buy a gun. As a result, gun shops across the nation have a ton of surplus inventory, and dismally plummeting sales.

As a result – and this is where it gets good – gun makers are expecting to substantially lower the prices of their firearms this holiday season.

According to Guns.com:

Thee numbers reflect an industry still re-calibrating under “a new normal.” President Donald Trump’s victory stunned gun makers and retailers alike, many of whom amassed inventory in preparation for a Democratic electoral sweep and the heightened demand it would bring.

Instead, prices tanked as dealers tried to unload product throughout the year. Background checks ebbed and flow more in line with historical trends — a steady sales uptick in winter that bottoms out over the summer, resuscitated in the fall as hunting seasons kick-off.

The industry’s most profitable weeks — aside from short bursts of demand following mass shootings, terror attacks or congressional action — set in Black Friday and extend throughout the holiday shopping season.
Eight of the 10 busiest days in NICS history occurred in November and December, according to federal data. Four of those dates — including its strongest day ever, Nov. 25, 2016 — fell on a Black Friday. Dealers submitted 5.3 million checks in the last two months of 2016 alone.

A robust selling season could upend a year of double-digit losses for top gun makers — including American Outdoor Brands, Vista Outdoor and Sturm, Ruger and Co.

“We are not yet seeing the recovery that we expected to see,” said Vista Outdoor Chief Financial Officer Stephen Nolan during a conference call with investors earlier this month. “Shooting sports has always been a cyclical industry with periodic downturns lasting anywhere from 12 to 24 months.

While we may not be at the bottom as of yet, we believe that we are very close and we anticipate that the market will show returns to growth over the next 18 months.”

It’s unknown how much customers will be able to save on firearms this season; however, this year offers some of the best chances to save money on guns for a very long time.