houston-DADevon Anderson pocketed $25,000 from ‘born alive’ abortionist’s attorney after refusing to charge him

District Attorney Devon Anderson (Harris County, TX), shocked legal observers last week when, after reviewing video surveillance of Planned Parenthood officials trafficking dead-baby body parts, indicted the undercover investigators from Center for Medical Progress who filmed the incident, and not Planned Parenthood.

The indictments raised eyebrows due to the overwhelming evidence of criminal activity by Planned Parenthood, and yet the lack of any grounds to accuse the filmmakers.

It also sets off alarms because of another Anderson case involving illegal abortion practices.

When multiple employees accused Houston abortionist Douglas Karpen of delivering live babies then killing them by snapping their necks, Anderson convened a grand jury to review the allegations and in spite of eyewitness accounts and forensic evidence against Karpen, the jury refused all charges against him.

The decision shocked and outraged many.

But with her indictment of the pro-life investigators from Center for Medical Progress, it appears she may have a vested interest in keeping abortionists in business.

LifeNews.com may have discovered why:

Karpen was represented at his trial by attorney Chip Lewis, who donated more than $25,000 to Anderson’s re-election campaign.

According to official campaign finance records from Harris County, Lewis donated a total of $15,000 to Anderson’s re-election campaign in 2014, with a $10,000 donation from Lewis to Anderson in February and another $5,000 from Lewis to Anderson in May. The abortion practitioner’s attorney made additional contributions to Anderson’s campaign later in (sic) the year — with Lewis sending another $1,000 on September 17 and $9,100 on September 25– as these Harris County campaign finance records show.

And as if Karpen being represented by a major Anderson campaign donor wasn’t enough, Anderson still directed the grand jury to rule in Karpen’s favor.

The cash started flooding Anderson’s pockets shortly after Karpen literally got away with murdering babies.

The grand jury no-billed Karpen in December 2013 and within a few weeks the check for $10,000 showed up, followed by $5,000, $1,000, and $9,100 – all from Chip Lewis, Karpen’s attorney.

Ironically, all the cash was delivered within nine months of Anderson refusing to charge the abortionist.

Anderson also employs Planned Parenthood board member, Lauren Reeder.

“Lauren Reeder is a prosecutor in the Harris County District Attorney’s criminal family law division. She apparently notified District Attorney Devon Anderson of her role with Planned Parenthood last week,” Life News reported in August 2105. “Reeder is listed as a non-compensated ‘Director’ on the 990 Tax Form for 2014 filed by Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast.”

Reeder was put in charge of “investigating” Planned Parenthood’s video recorded evidence of selling murdered babies for profit – and suddenly they aren’t the ones getting indicted.

 Anderson is also a member of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Houston, one of the few Protestant churches to formally endorse abortion.