Hillary shrugThe most influential paper in Iowa has gone beyond just calling foul on the conduct of the Democrat establishment in handing the caucus victory to Hillary Clinton.

Now, the Des Moines Register is calling for a full audit of the results!

The paper published an editorial entitled “Something Smells in the Democratic Party” where the paper blasted the shenanigans that took place on caucus night.

American Patriot Daily has covered this story of shady vote counts and missing precinct results that allowed Hillary to squeak past Bernie Sanders in Iowa.

The cheating was too blatant for even the liberal Des Moines Register, which endorsed Hillary Clinton, for them not issue a public call to action:

What happened Monday night at the Democratic caucuses was a debacle — period.  Democracy, particularly at the local party level, can be slow, messy and obscure.  But the refusal to undergo scrutiny or allow for an appeal reeks of autocracy.

The Iowa Democratic Party must act quickly to assure the accuracy of the caucus results, and prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

First of all, the results were too close not to do a complete audit of results.  Two-tenths of one percent separated Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.  A caucus should not be confused with an election, but it’s worth noting that much larger margins trigger automatic recounts in other states.

Second, too many questions have now been raised.  Too many accounts have arisen of inconsistent counts, untrained and overwhelmed volunteers, confused voters, cramped precinct locations, a lack of voter registration forms and other problems.  Too many of us, including members of the Register editorial board who were observing the caucuses, saw opportunities for error amid Monday night’s chaos.

The Sanders campaign is rechecking results on its own, going precinct by precinct, and is already finding inconsistencies, said Rania Batrice, a Sanders spokeswoman.  The campaign seeks the math sheets and other paperwork that precinct chairs filled out and were supposed to return to the state party.  They want to compare those documents to the results entered into a Microsoft app and sent to the party.

The Democrats employ Soviet style tactics to block transparency in the caucus process.

They don’t release head counts and they don’t make the raw vote totals public.

This opens the door to the Hillary Campaign and Democrat Party establishment to have possibly thwarted the will of the voters.

The Register has seen what occurred and is calling for integrity to be restored to the caucus process.

But the Clintons and integrity haven’t exactly had the smoothest relationship.

They hail from the “lie, cheat and steal for victory” school of politics.

Blatant video evidence of the Hillary campaign committing voter fraud exists, and there were enough other irregularities to doubt Hillary won an honest victory.

Will the Iowa Democrat party heed the call of the state’s largest paper?

Or will the party sweep it under the rug as they have tried with every other Hillary scandal?