Hillary Clinton is the gift that keeps on giving.

After running a scandal-ridden campaign, and suffering a humiliating defeat, voters thought they put the final nail in the coffin to the Clinton machine.

But as it turns out, Hillary still refuses to accept defeat, and she is gearing up to enter back into the political arena again in a major way.

On Election Night, the American people sent a loud and clear message they did not want Hillary, or her crooked husband, anywhere near the White House ever again.

But Hillary just doesn’t get it.

And just when America thought Hillary Clinton was finally finished in politics, it turns out she’s actually considering challenging President Trump in 2020.

To even think she has a chance against Trump, especially after WikiLeaks blew her double-minded life out into the open, demonstrates how out of touch she is with reality, and the American people.

Breitbart reported:

“In an attempt to remain relevant, she schedules speeches across the land. The “Queen of Resist and Persist” is readying herself for 2020. That the Democrats might not be inclined to back her is of little concern to her and rightfully so. After all, they installed Nancy Pelosi once again, despite the shellacking her leadership earned. Democrats have not learned a thing from the voters. From Hillary’s age-old perspective, the voters exist to be manipulated and she is confident that this time it will work. She has a plan.

As Hillary eyes 2020, she does so with confidence. Again she is underestimating President Trump, and as always, she underestimates American voters. Seen as little more than a fluke, she believes the machinations afoot to undermine him will result in a failed presidency if not impeachment, ensuring smooth sailing to a victory that was always her for the taking.

Many believe she has the help of former President Obama, who himself campaigned vigorously for her, claiming candidate Trump was dangerous and unfit, even staking his own presidential legacy and reputation on her victory The writing was on the wall, and as we learn more about his interest in undermining Trump, it will likely become clear how determined this man actually was.”

Ever since Trump took office, Democrats have attempted to discredit him, and portray him as “unfit” to lead America.

And with the mainstream media in the pocket of the liberal elite, news coverage of Trump has been biased, and flat-out wrong.

But Hillary should know Donald Trump isn’t your typical President.

He’s called out fake news sites.

He’s doubled-down when Democrats tried to ram through their agenda.

And his resilience has proven true as he continues to follow through on his campaign promises to fix the economy, fight radical terrorists, and secure America’s border.

Trump has the overwhelming support of the American people and, in contrast, voters sharply rejected Hillary’s pro-choice, globalist agenda.

If Hillary runs again in 2020, things are shaking up to be a bloody battle, as Hillary and her crew are working overtime in a desperate attempt to damage Trump’s reputation.

Breitbart continues:

“Once again it changes the dialogue and puts the focus precisely where Hillary wants it to be. She can only do this with the committed assistance of the press. As in 1998, members of the press don’t see their job as reporting the news, but unabashedly making the news. Fake or otherwise, it matters not at all. With such a concerted effort, this administration will spend a great deal of time batting down the ridiculous attacks leaving them with significantly less time to focus on the people’s agenda. And that is precisely the point.

There will be investigation upon investigation. Political hacks will lie, others will swear to it. Nothing will ever be definitively proven, but the damage will be done. It is the old “where there is smoke, there is fire” routine, the piling on ensuring that at best this administration is seen as questionable, at worst as lawbreakers worthy of removal. Our lady in waiting, Hillary Clinton, pictures herself poised to rescue the country from this dangerous man.”

Hillary Clinton may be used to getting her way in politics, but with President Trump she has finally met her match.

Do you think Hillary will run against Trump in 2020?

If she does decide to run, do you think she can beat Trump? Or will he crush her yet again on Election Night?

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