Hillary thought the media had finished off Donald Trump.

After nearly a week of a press firestorm surrounding Trump’s claims that the judge in the Trump University civil suit was biased against him, Democrats were sure Trump’s campaign was sunk.

But three new polls stunned pundits, showing once again Hillary is in for a tough race come November.

State polls out of Connecticut, Florida and Pennsylvania – three states won twice by Barack Obama – revealed Trump either leading or running neck-and-neck with Hillary.

In Florida, a Public Policy Polling survey found Trump leading Hillary 45-44 in a head-to-head matchup.

Even with third party candidates included in the poll, Trump still led Hillary 41-40.

Florida famously provided the margin of victory for George W. Bush in 2000, and since then, Democrats have made winning the state a priority.

If Trump has any chance of winning the Presidency he must carry the Sunshine State.

Public Policy Polling also released a poll showing Trump and Hillary tied at 44% in Pennsylvania.

No Republican has won the Keystone State since 1988.

Pennsylvania is part of the “Blue Wall” which is made up of states Democrats have won in the last six consecutive Presidential elections.

These states provide the Democrats with 242 of the 270 Electoral College votes necessary to win the Presidency.

While Pennsylvania has often proven to be a state Republicans get sucked into believing they can win – only to end up losing badly on Election Day – this election cycle, however, provides evidence which may tell a different story.

Before the primary, 165,000 Pennsylvanians switched parties.

Among those were 92,000 who changed their affiliation to the Republican Party. That number included over 60,000 Democrats re-registering as Republicans.

The final poll was out of Connecticut, and it showed even more cracks in the “Blue Wall”.

Quinnipiac found that Hillary only led Trump by 5 points when the Libertarian and Green Party candidates were included.

These polls demonstrate that while the media and the elites may wring their hands over the latest Donald Trump “controversy”, voters have largely tuned them out.

Voters are angry.

Voters want change.

And a large portion of them see Donald Trump, even with all of his flaws, as their vehicle to fix a broken system.

During the campaign, Donald Trump promised he would rewrite the electoral map.

While Florida remains one of the classic swing states, Trump running competitively in Northeastern states like Pennsylvania and Connecticut indicate he has a chance to make good on his word.