The 2016 Presidential election was one full of controversy, as well as one in which liberals have made many excuses for their embarrassing efforts.

Hillary Clinton herself has many excuses as to why she lost the election.

But even now, months after President Trump has taken office, Clinton is coming up with new excuses as to why she lost.

Hillary Clinton was speaking at a convention advocating women’s rights when she declared misogyny as the biggest factor in her loss.

The Daily Caller reported:

She also said that she wants to be involved with helping Democrats take back Congress from Republicans.

The former secretary of state has consistently blamed “sexism” for her struggles to appear genuine and likeable.

Misogyny is one of many excuses the Clinton camp has given for Hillary’s second failed presidential campaign.

Such a claim seems incredibly far-fetched considering the events that occurred during Clinton’s campaign – most notably, her criminal investigation.

In fact, on a related note, Hillary and Bill Clinton both claimed her investigation had hindered an election win.

The Daily Caller reported:

Former President Bill Clinton blamed FBI director James Comey for his wife’s electoral loss, before later saying “angry white men” are the reason for Trump’s victory.

Other favorite excuses from Hillary Clinton include the far-fetched claims such as foreign voting interference and corrupt members of the political system meddling in her campaign.

Her husband’s outrageous claims came out during an interview with CBS News:

“You know, I’ve watched her work for two years. I watched her battle through that bogus email deal, be vindicated at the end when Secretary Powell came out. She fought through that. She fought through everything. And she prevailed against it all but at the end we had the Russians and the FBI deal and she couldn’t prevail against them,” he said. “She did everything else and still won by 2.8 million votes.”

Speaking to donors Thursday night, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee attributed her general election loss to the “unprecedented” events of Russian interference through cyberattacks.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton’s campaign aides also made another excuse as to why she lost the election.

The Daily Caller wrote:

Hillary’s former campaign aides, meanwhile, blamed “white supremacy” for Clinton’s loss. Noticeably absent among the Clinton camp’s litany of excuses for her loss, however, is any real blame for the unpopular candidate.

Regardless of which excuse Hillary Clinton uses, the fact of the matter is she was simply a poor candidate, and for many reasons.

Why do you think Hillary Clinton lost the election?

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