Hillary Clinton is back on the hot seat.

This time it’s for her ties to Russia.

And it could land her in the middle of investigation with serious legal consequences.

The media and Democrats in Congress have engaged in fabricating a scandal surrounding Trump and his ties to Russia.

While they have not presented any evidence of wrongdoing or even made an accusation of criminal activity surrounding the Trump campaign and the Russian government, that has not stopped the press or the Democrats from inventing a scandal out of thin air.

Donald Trump finally had enough and fought back on twitter. He blasted the fake news media and demanded an investigation into the Clinton’s very real financial ties to the Russian government.

Trump routinely blasted the Clinton’s for the Uranium One deal.

The Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars in donations from investors in the Uranium One – and included in these contributions were undisclosed donations by the company’s chairman.

The firm was later bought by the Russian nuclear energy agency.

Clinton’s State Department was one of nine federal agencies that had to provide a recommendation on the deal to Barack Obama, who had veto authority.

They sat silently by as a firm was sold to the Russians after giving over $100 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation.

The circumstances surrounding the deal troubled many Americans.

Trump also blasted the media for failing to cover John Podesta’s financial ties to Russia.

In 2011, a Kremlin backed firm, Rusnano – on whose board Podesta was member of – poured $35 million into another energy company – of which Podesta was also a board member of.

The timing was suspicious.

Podesta was a close associate of Hillary Clinton and it was well known he would have a major role in her next Presidential campaign.

At the time of the Rusnano deal, Clinton was Secretary of State.

Were they attempting to buy influence through one of her closest associates?

Breitbart reports on ‘Clinton Cash’ author, Peter Schweizer, revealing how Podesta may have violated federal law by failing to report this transaction:

“He continued, “So then in 2013, he goes to the White House, to be a special counselor to Barack Obama, and that requires that you, you know, have financial disclosures every year. In his financial disclosure form in 2013, he not only fails to disclose these 75,000 shares of stock that he has in Joule Energy which is funded in part by the Russian government. He also fails to disclose that he is on one of the three corporate board that this entity has. It’s got this very complex ownership structure. He discloses he is on the company in Massachusetts, that is he on the board of a company in the Netherlands, but he fails to disclose that he is also on the executive order of the holding company. That’s a clear violation of the disclosure rules that needs to be looked at.”

He added, “What makes the Podesta case clear is there was a transfer of money and there was a transfer of a lot of money that stood to make John Podesta a lot of money. That is unique and that’s extremely troubling because at the time that transfer is taking place he is advising Hillary Clinton at the State Department. We know that from the Podesta emails that he is helping her make personnel decisions, speech decisions, policy decisions. He is meeting with her monthly. It’s a transfer of money from a foreign government, at the time, that is he was advising America’s chief diplomat, Hillary Clinton.”