Fighting fire with fire is why Donald Trump has surged to a nearly 20 point lead in the Republican primary polls.
Trump never backs down from a fight and gives twice as good as he gets.

So when Hillary blasted Trump for supposed sexism, it was no surprise Trump refused to let her play the gender card.
Trump took to Twitter and put the Clinton campaign on notice that everything is fair game:

You see, the Clintons have become accustomed to Republicans cowering with fear when they play the politics of victimhood.

When the left-wing press dutifully repeat the Clinton’s talking points that Republicans had better guard against “overreach” when “attacking” them, Republicans back off.

Once the Republicans retreat, the Clintons then launch their smear machine into overdrive and defeat Republicans time and again.

Trump is having none of it.

If Hillary wants to fire off one accusation of sexism against the Republican frontrunner, he will blast back with barrels attacking Bill for his long history of using his position of power to abuse women.

Recall that former President Bill Clinton was sued for sexual harassment by Paula Jones for obscene conduct when he was Governor of Arkansas.

Clinton forked over $850,000 in an out-of-court settlement and lost his law license for five years.

Paula Jones was just the tip of the iceberg of women coming forward to allege that Bill Clinton had abused them.

In the late 1990’s, a former White House volunteer aide named Kathleen Wiley accused Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting her in his first term as President.

Even more disturbing, Juanita Broadderick, an Arkansas nursing home assistant, alleged that Bill Clinton had raped her in the late 1970’s.

And most famously, Bill Clinton took advantage of a young intern, Monica Lewinsky, to pursue a sexual relationship while President.

He lied about it under oath and became only the second President in our nation’s history to be impeached.

The media swept the allegations of Wiley and Broadderick under the rug to protect Clinton during his presidency and will censor these allegations during Hillary’s campaign to protect her ability to accuse Trump and other Republicans of being women-hating sexists.

And while Bill was perjuring himself and disgracing the office of the presidency with his conduct during the Lewinsky affair, the media sounded the refrain that none of it mattered as long as it did not affect his job as President.

The media will lie, cover up and perform rhetorical gymnastics to protect the Clintons.

The usual playbook is Hillary name calls, plays the victim, then the media smears the Republican attacker into retreat.

But Donald Trump has demonstrated he’s willing to take the fight to the Clintons and he won’t back down.
Perhaps that fearless attitude is why he tops the Republican polls.