Hillary Clinton cannot run away from her scandalous past.

Every day more news breaks about her corrupt deals with the Russians that sold out America.

But now she just heard the five words that means prison is right around the corner.

Donald Trump is fed up with her skating through her scandals without being held accountable.

And he’s revving back up on his campaign promise to “lock her up.”

Clinton has been exposed for engaging in pay-for-play behavior regarding the sale of twenty percent of America’s uranium stock to the Russians, and for colluding with Moscow by paying for the fake news Christopher Steele “Trump-Russia” dossier.

So Trump took to Twitter and demanded the FBI and Justice Department investigate her because “the American public deserves it.”

With Clinton’s scandals – and evidence of wrong doing piling up – the American people are wondering why she isn’t being held accountable.

Do you agree that Hillary Clinton should be investigated?

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