Hillary Clinton is in the fight of her life. At one time, it was assumed she would effortlessly waltz into the White House without contest.

But the latest Nevada poll tells a different tale and shows Clinton and Sanders in a dead heat.

Breitbart Reports, “Asked which candidate “best represents the values of a Democrat like yourself,” Clinton received 50% and Sanders 49%, and it was 50% to 47% for which candidate would best represent the middle class. Sanders consistently suggested his ideas “are not radical” and has insisted that he will make Wall Street bail out the middle class.”

The Nevada poll – coupled with her stunning blow in New Hampshire – demonstrates Hillary’s struggle to get ahead in her race to the White House.

So what happened?

Benghazi. Massive scandals. Criminal investigation by the FBI.

As American Patriot Daily News recently reported, Hillary Clinton compromised our most sensitive intelligence operations so she could hide her emails from the public.

The American people have had enough and are rising up to STOP the Clinton Machine.

However, instead of backing out and withdrawing from the race, Clinton doubled down her threats.

In fact, in her blind arrogance, Clinton confessed her thoughts on the Supreme Court nomination process.

CNN Politics Reports

“Hours after Scalia’s death, Clinton used a speech in Denver to blast Republicans for suggesting Obama can’t nominate a successor to the court, all but guaranteeing the issue will become a key fight in 2016.

Barack Obama is president of the United States until January 20, 2017,” Clinton said. “That is a fact, my friends, whether the Republicans like it or not. Elections have consequences. The President has a responsibility to nominate a new justice and the Senate has a responsibly to vote. And all of us Democrats, we have a responsibly to make sure a Republican doesn’t win in November and rip away all of the progress we have made together.”

If Hillary Clinton has her way, a leftist, pro-choice, and anti-gun justice will sit on the Supreme Court.

What are your thoughts? Can Hillary survive the massive blows and make it to the White House? Tell us your thoughts below.