sadhillary2Ethics woes take toll as voters express concerns

Hillary Clinton is struggling against her lesser-known Republican rivals in key Electoral College states, and that has the mainstream media in a panic.

Since 1960 no candidate has ever been elected president without winning two of the three states of Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

In each of those states Clinton either trails several Republicans or cannot establish a lead beyond the poll’s margin of error, meaning the race is tied.

In Pennsylvania, Clinton trails Sens. Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. She leads former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, but only by four percent.

“Honesty is the most important quality in a presidential candidate, 40 percent of Pennsylvania voters say, while 28 percent most want a strong leader and 28 percent most want a candidate who cares about their needs and problems,” Quinnipiac finds.

In Ohio, Clinton trails that state’s governor, John Kasich. She is tied with Rand Paul. Clinton’s leads over Christie, Rubio and Bush are all are within the margin of error.

“For 38 percent of Ohio voters, honesty is the top quality in a candidate, with 27 percent looking mostly for a strong leader and 32 percent seeking someone who cares about their needs,” says Quinnipiac.

With voters valuing honesty over other traits, Clinton’s crumbling poll numbers are fueled by ethics scandals that are rapidly growing in both seriousness and number.

“She is not honest and trustworthy, Florida voters say 51-43 percent, Ohio voters say 53-40 percent and Pennsylvania voters say 54-40 percent,” says Quinnipiac.

Voters’ feelings as to whether Clinton is trustworthy closely follow whether they view her favorably.

“Clinton’s favorability[/unfavorability] ratings are 47-45 percent in Florida, negative 44 – 48 percent in Ohio and 46 – 48 percent in Pennsylvania,” reports Quinnipiac.

Reporters discussed Clinton’s problem on the CNN program, “Inside Politics,” the Washington Free Beacon reports.

“They say in every one of these states that honesty and trustworthiness of the candidate is more important to them than their positions on any specific issue,” said host John King.

“We’ve zeroed in on this weakness of Hillary’s before on this program, and it is, I think, much more important than these hypothetical matchups state-by-state,” said Yahoo! reporter Olivier Knox. “The underlying numbers for Hillary are more problematic … She also has trouble with some of the empathy numbers, where people are not sure that they understand their concerns.”

“This looks like a very, very competitive general election,” King said.