FBI Director James Comey claimed it was impossible to determine which work related emails Hillary refused to turn over because she deleted 33,000 of them.

She thought destroying the evidence would allow her to escape charges.

But someone claims to have her emails and they are intent on releasing them before the election.

Kim dotcom is an internet entrepreneur who started the file sharing site Megaupload.com

Obama’s Department of Justice has been hounding him for years for his efforts to democratize the internet.

And on Hillary Clinton’s birthday he fired off a series of tweets claiming to be in possession of Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 missing emails.

He even poked fun at Hillary Clinton spouting off unsubstantiated conspiracy theories that Russian President Vladimir Putin is behind the email hacks.

And he also taunted the Clinton team for believing the tool BleachBit could erase all records of her emails.

If he actually has the emails, he could release them in the final days of the campaign as the ultimate last minute surprise.

Clinton’s missing emails have been a source of controversy since her private server was revealed.

She claimed the emails she deleted were merely personal in nature that included mundane content such as yoga routines and recipes.

But FBI Director Comey revealed her team didn’t read the exact contents of emails to sort out work related emails from those that were personal in nature.

Instead, they relied on keyword searches.

And the exposure of her missing emails could upend the Presidential campaign.

Polls show Trump closing the gap to 4 points down from a 6-point Clinton lead in the Real Clear Politics polling average.

New scandals and shady dealings could prompt some wavering Republicans who abandoned Trump to come back to the GOP ticket and help narrow the race.

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