Hillary Clinton suffered this humiliating defeat

After a crushing victory on the second Super Tuesday of the campaign where she swept Bernie Sanders in Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio, Hillary thought she had the Democrat Party nomination all sewn up.

She held a more than 300 pledged delegate lead over Bernie Sanders.

And her lead swelled to a 700 delegate lead when factoring in the 469 super delegates — elected officials and party elders who are unbound by statewide voting results, and committed to vote for her.

But reality has a nasty way blowing up Hillary Clinton’s best laid plans.

Starting on March 22, Hillary has now lost six of the last seven contests.

Her only victory came in Arizona two weeks ago.

Since then, she has been drubbed in caucuses in Idaho, Utah, Hawaii, Alaska and Washington.

And she was blown-out in the Wisconsin primary by Sanders who won over 57% of the vote.

Now Sanders has cut her pledged delegate lead to fewer than 250 after her impressive run of victories.

The defeats come as Clinton’s campaign increasingly comes under fire for her email scandal.

Going into the Wisconsin primary, the Real Clear Politics polling average showed Sanders with a slim 2 point lead.

But on primary night he shocked observers by dramatically over performing his polling numbers when he drubbed Clinton with 57% of the vote.

And while the Democrat delegates are awarded proportionally, which ensures neither candidate can haul-in massive numbers of delegates, the decisive win proves again that Hillary is a weak frontrunner.

Every chance she has had to put this race away and end the fight before the convention has slipped through her fingers.

In fact, the Sanders campaign is now boasting that they will pass Hillary in pledged delegates and win the nomination at an open convention because neither candidate will hold the 2,382 delegates necessary to clinch the nomination on the first ballot.

Appearing on MSNBC, Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver articulated their strategy.

Politico reports:

“We’ve mapped out a path to victory in our campaign in terms of delegates — pledged delegates — and we don’t have to win everywhere, but we do have to win most of the states coming up,” Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver told MSNBC on Tuesday. “So there’s no one state that’s a must-win, and as we look forward we’re gonna be able to accumulate the delegates we need to get the pledged delegate lead by the end of this primary and caucus process.”

Sanders’ campaign surge is only possible because every time Hillary offers herself to Democrats, the party rank and file reject her.

In 2008, the liberal base chose Barack Obama over her.

And now, the left-wing activists are flocking to Bernie Sanders.

Hillary represents scandal, corruption and the political battles of the past.

Because of the lies about the Benghazi terrorist attacks that occurred on her watch as Secretary of State and the possibility of criminal charges stemming from her use of a private email server to send classified information, Hillary polls poorly against her Republican opponents.

Clinton’s weakness has emboldened Sanders and the far-left activists his campaign is mobilizing to continue the attacks on her and force a contested convention.

These humiliating defeats in the primary could be setting the stage for Hillary’s biggest defeat yet.

If Sanders arrives in Philadelphia for the Democrat convention having won the most states and pledged delegates, will the party insiders and establishment figures that comprise the pool of super delegates snatch victory from him?

Or will they respect the will of the voters who judged Hillary to be a fundamentally flawed and weak candidate and hand her the most devastating defeat of her career.