Donald Trump signed executive orders designed to prevent unvetted Islamist refugees and other aliens from countries with known ties to terrorism from entering the United States.

The left lost their minds and sent thousands of professional protesters into the streets to sow chaos.

Hillary Clinton chimed in and left many wondering exactly what this meant for her future intentions.

Trump’s recent executive order indefinitely suspends the Syrian refugee program.

The order also puts a 120-day pause on America’s overall refugee program until proper vetting is put in place.

He has also ordered a 90-day pause on new visa issuances, and has restricted travel on seven countries with known ties to terrorism.

These countries are Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

On the campaign trail, Trump promised an end to the Syrian refugee program – with a pledge to help build safe zones in Syria – and put a stop to immigration from known terrorist hot spots.

Leftists and reporters are falsely reporting this as a “Muslim ban” – despite the fact that nearly 90 percent of the world’s Muslim population is unaffected by Trump’s travel ban.

And Hillary Clinton chimed in with this response on twitter:

Some critics are wondering if this is a clue about her future intentions.

A group of Democrats have been begging her to run for mayor of New York.

While it is unlikely she will take that step, she has not yet publically shot down the rumors.

Other pundits believe she is paving the way to challenge Trump in 2020.

Her popular vote victory – while completely meaningless – would be her argument for a third Presidential bid.

And some pundits have suggested she could be assessing a 2020 run.

By siding with the professional protestors who materialize every time Trump makes a move, Hillary is cozying up to the far-left base of the Democrat Party.

The next Democrat Presidential primary is likely to be a contest of who can be the most rabid left-winger and Donald Trump hater.

And Hillary looks to be establishing her bona fides on both these fronts.