The Clinton Foundation is a never-ending scandal.

Bill and Hillary’s pay-for-play tactics helped cost her the Presidency.

And even now, Americans are still digging through the sewage of their conduct.

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh confirmed that Hillary Clinton pressured her to help a donor to the Clinton Foundation in March, 2011.

This is a flagrant violation of federal ethics laws.

Circa reports:

While Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton made a personal call to pressure Bangladesh’s prime minister to aid a donor to her husband’s charitable foundation, despite federal ethics laws that require government officials to recuse themselves from matters that could impact their spouse’s business.

The Office of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina confirmed to Circa that Mrs. Clinton called her office in March, 2011 to demand that Dr. Muhammed Yunus, a 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner, be restored to his role as chairman of the country’s most famous microcredit bank, Grameen Bank. The bank’s nonprofit Grameen America, which Yunus chairs, has given between $100,000 and $250,000 to the Clinton Global Initiative.  Grameen Research, which is chaired by Yunus, has donated between $25,000 and $50,000, according to the Clinton Foundation website. 

The controversy arose over the Clintons trying to keep a donor as managing director of a bank.

The bank’s bylaws stated that no one could hold the position after they turned 60 years old, and Dr. Yunus was 70.

Circa reports:

“Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton telephoned Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in March, 2011 insisting her not to remove Dr. Muhammad Yunus from the post of Managing Director of Grameen Bank,” Deputy Press Secretary Md Nazrul Islam told Circa in an email.

Islam said the prime minister informed Mrs. Clinton that according to Grameen Bank rules and regulations, nobody can hold the position of the Managing Director of Grameen Bank after the age of 60. He was 70 at the time of his removal and had wrangled for months to no avail with the prime minister over his removal.

Hillary’s conduct was revealed in a declassified WikiLeaks cable.

The anti-secrecy group published a 2009 cable where Dr. Yunus personally emailed Clinton asking for her help.

The U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh brought the issue up to government officials, and Hillary Clinton was keeping tabs on the situation.

Circa also reports:

In 2009, Dr. Yunus sent a personal email to then-Secretary of State Clinton’s office asking for intervention into the Bangladesh bank and stated his concerns, according to a declassified WikiLeaks cable.

Those declassified cables show the U.S. ambassador also raised the issue with government officials prior to Mrs. Clinton’s call and that Mrs. Clinton asked State officials to alert her husband to the problems Yunus was having with Bangladesh.

For years, the Clintons dodged the consequences of their shady conduct.

Bill’s political talents, combined with a willing media, allowed them to dodge bombshells that would have sunk any other politician.

But voters did not find Hillary quite so charming, and the couple’s unseemly dealings and desire to soak the system for all it was worth finally caught up with them.

And now that the Clinton Foundation scandal is latched around their ankles, they do not appear to be able to shake it.