After a narrow win in Iowa tainted by accusations of cheating and a blowout loss in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton is counting on a “firewall” beginning with the Nevada Caucus to save her failing campaign.

Hillary’s campaign has been counting on the more ethnically diverse electorates in Nevada and South Carolina to blunt the momentum that socialist Senator Bernie Sanders is building with white liberals.

But the latest poll out of Nevada is sending shockwaves through the Clinton campaign and has set off another frenzy of futile political spinning to save her campaign.

The TargetPoint poll of Nevada Caucus goers conducted February 8 -10 shows a tie race with Clinton and Sanders both earning 45% of the vote.

While Nevada is difficult to poll due to its unpredictable caucus turnout, previous polling showed Hillary with a commanding 20+ point lead.

It’s hard to play down just how devastating those results are.

Now Hillary’s team is spinning Nevada as an 80% white electorate that will be as challenging as New Hampshire to win.

The dean of Nevada’s political press, Jon Ralston reported on his website Ralston Reports:

“I understand the desire of Team Clinton to lower expectations in Nevada after being crushed by Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire. But both Mook and Fallon know that 80 percent figure is ludicrous, and the attempt to make Nevada seem like Iowa and New Hampshire is a spin too far.

The facts:

Nevada’s Hispanic population is about 27 percent. African-Americans and Asian/Pacific Islanders make up almost 10 percent each. That is, nearly half of the state’s population is made up of minorities.

The Democratic caucus population was 35 percent minority in 2008, according to exit polls, and is expected to be as high as 40 percent in 2016, according to local Democratic sources. This is nothing like the 90 percent white caucus participation in Iowa, for instance.

One Clinton campaign source explained that some of the campaign’s modeling showed an 80 percent turnout in Nevada come Feb. 20. This would be the model constructed after 14 martinis, perhaps. Or, more likely, one that does not exist except in the fevered imaginations and panicked consciousnesses of a Clinton organization that just last year was touting its minority outreach in Nevada.”

Of course, it’s no surprise Hillary would lie about the makeup of the Nevada electorate.

Fibbing is her stock in trade.

But not even a press corps that initially deemed this race a coronation is falling for it this time.

Maybe it’s because they are entranced with the more radically left-wing Bernie Sanders.

Maybe they just want a competitive race to cover.

Or maybe – and this is a long shot – they are actually assessing the facts objectively and find Hillary’s latest campaign maneuver laughable.

Whatever the case may be, even a narrow win for Hillary – in a state that is considered demographically in her wheel house – will be seen as Sanders breaching her “firewall”.

And it would provide the Sander’s campaign with another boost heading into South Carolina where the Real Clear Politics polling averages show Hillary with a 24 point lead.

But that lead is sure to narrow.

Iowa, New Hampshire, and now Nevada demonstrate that when voters are provided with a viable alternative to Hillary Clinton, they cannot run away from her fast enough.