The left has fully embraced anti-American anthem protesters.

Hillary Clinton was the latest top Democrat to cast her lot with spoiled athletes who smear America as a mean-spirited and racist country.

But as soon as the words left her mouth, Clinton knew she made this massive mistake.

During an interview on Sirus XM radio, Clinton latched onto a familiar left-wing myth- that Trump’s attacks on NFL players who boycotted the national anthem were racially motivated.

Breitbart reported:

“During an interview on SiriusXM Progress set to air on Tuesday, former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton stated it’s “deeply troubling” that President Trump has attacked black athletes for peacefully protesting and that he doesn’t attack white supremacists or Vladimir Putin.

Hillary said, “I think it’s deeply troubling that the president would be attacking black athletes for expressing their opinions, peacefully. Protest a part of the American way of life. And it’s something that I’m very proud of, whether I agree or disagree. I think peaceful protest is part of what has helped us make progress, learn more, be a better country over time, and I just couldn’t help thinking that, he has attacked these black athletes for peacefully protesting, but he doesn’t really attack white supremacists, neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klaners, or Vladimir Putin, who interfered in our election. And I think it’s all part of his political calculation. And I really think that’s bad for the country. He wants to set people against each other. He wants to divide us.”

This is fake news and everyone knows it.

But Trump was forced to respond to this nonsense on Twitter.

Trump reiterated this is about respect for the flag and the memory of those who fought and died for it.

The only ones making race a central issue are the protesters.

They continually lie about America by claiming the police purposefully oppress black people.

And it’s the NFL players who throw up the racist black power fist during the anthem or after touchdowns.

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