After her embarrassing loss in the election, Hillary Clinton seemed to disappear from the political spotlight.

But now it seems there is nothing in the news that she won’t tie herself to in order to gain attention.

The results of the French presidential election just yielded a Democratic victor, Emmanuel Macron, who is a man.

Ironically, Clinton is claiming that the loss of his opponent, the far-right Marine Le Pen – who is a woman – was justified and “necessary”, proving that she is the biggest hypocrite of them all considering she blames her loss to a man on sexism.

Hillary Clinton said Le Pen’s loss was justified because she is “unfit for the country”.

Previously, Hillary justified her own loss because the entire country was sexist and couldn’t elect a female for President.

The Daily Caller reports:

Hillary Clinton attempted to tie herself to French President-elect Emmanuel Macron’s runoff victory over far-right candidate Marine Le Pen on Sunday.

Clinton posted a tweet calling Macron’s election a victory for “the world” and a “defeat” to the hackers who released Macron’s emails to the public shortly before the election, but then turned the focus towards herself, claiming “the media says I can’t talk about that.” Clinton is known to have staffers carefully craft and edit her tweets before posting.

The Washington Post reported on a statement Hillary had given during the Women in the World Summit further blaming sexism and misogyny for her loss is 2016:

“Certainly, misogyny played a role. I mean, that just has to be admitted. And why and what the underlying reasons were is what I’m trying to parse out myself.”

But ultimately, Clinton is just taking another jab at the political right in the hopes of gaining some sympathy votes.

For while she claims that the modern world is too advanced for far-right policies, she ignores the growth and safety the United States has gained with President Trump in power.

She clearly ignores his current political strengths while she continues with the delusion of still one day becoming President, as she is rumored to be running for a third time in 2020.

The Daily Caller reports:

While speaking at a televised women’s event last week, Clinton declared herself a member of the anti-Trump “resistance” and blamed FBI Director Jim Comey and Russian interference for her loss to Donald Trump.

Researchers found that even though Clinton has continued to blame Comey’s October 28 letter re-opening the investigation into Clinton’s email server, the evidence is “mixed at best” that his letter had any effect on voters’ choices.

Clinton is also reportedly forming a new political action committee (PAC) and is returning to giving paid speeches. Clinton’s PAC will reportedly work as a “quiet catalyst” helping grassroots political organizations.

A voter poll last month showed Clinton would still lose to Trump if voters were given a do-over.

Do you think Clinton is a hypocrite for saying Le Pen lost because she was a far-right and not a women?

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